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June 29 will be the Little Prince Day, 120 years after the birth of Antoine de Saint-Exupry

France has launched the Little Prince Day: it will be on June 29, on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the birth of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

A international day dedicated to Little Prince: the idea of Little Prince Day was launched by France to celebrate the 120th anniversary from birth of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, born on June 29, 1900 in Lyon.

The June 29, not only France but the whole world, will pay homage to the writer’s masterpiece, The little Prince, first published in 1943; is the most read French literary work and known to the world and has sold over two hundred million copies.

During the day, artists, pilots, writers, directors and numerous personalities will celebrate through videos, on the social channels of the Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Foundation, the evocative power of Little Prince and the influences the novel had on their lives.

Among the personalities involved, the writer and cartoonist Joann Sfar; Dorine Bourneton, the only survivor of a plane crash and the first disabled woman in the world to perform aerobatics; Loïc Blaise, aviator and explorer with multiple sclerosis; the stylist and photographer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac; the aviator and psychiatrist Bertrand Piccard; director Mark Osborne.

“In a global context in which crises and tensions are multiplying,” the Foundation wrote in a note, “the humanistic values ​​of the Little Prince are currently finding a very special resonance with the general public. Thanks to its evocative force and its ability of inspiration to build a better future together, the appropriation by each of the message of Little Prince it will become richer and more varied. All that was missing was an international day to celebrate it. Now this appointment is there: next June 29 “.

He also announced that an autumn will be held between Lyon and Toulouse great exhibition by title A Little Prince among Men, with many unpublished works on the life and work of Saint-Exupéry.
In his hometown, Lyon, the review will illustrate the personal path of the writer-aviator, through multimedia installations and archive films; to Toulouse, where Saint-Exupéry became a pilot, the strong passion and the close link with the sky and with the planes will be presented.

The exhibition will subsequently be set up in Paris it’s at Brussels.

June 29 will be the Little Prince Day, 120 years after the birth of Antoine de Saint-Exupry

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