Jun-Yong Moon “What should I do if I say it’s my father’s back?

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President Moon Jae-in’s son, Moon Joon-yong, said, “I am a citizen of this country, and since I am only one, I think I have the right to be protected.”

Moon said on his Facebook page on the 30th, “Criticism against the president’s son is okay, but I can’t accept the criticism of my career.” “Use” insisted.

He added, “I think it is natural that anyone can criticize the president’s son,” he said. “The problem is that those who try to attack the president interfere with my career as a media art writer.”

Photo by Joonyong Moon, Facebook

Photo by Joonyong Moon, Facebook

Mr. Moon also refuted, “Please do not raise suspicion of denial of the subsidy screening without grounds,” and “This is to undermine the fair evaluation of the writer. If you always say that you are a father, how do you build professional authority?”

Moon received 14 million won from Seoul City for an emergency art grant for the damage of a novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19). It was the name of preparing for the personal exhibition’Beyond Gaze, Between Somewhere’, which opened on the 17th. As the facts became known, a voice came out that the opposition should have yielded to other writers in need.

Reporter Hao Soo-min [email protected]


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