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Judge of the CdMx authorizes to seize Aguayo by demand of Moreira

The seized assets would be auctioned off to pay the politician who sued him for alleged “moral damage” and demanded a payment of 10 million pesos.

A civil judge from Mexico City authorized seize properties of the academic and columnist Sergio Aguayo Quezada, according to the newspaper Reform, He dedicates his first page of this Tuesday:

The requirement of the judge takes effect if Aguayo does not pay voluntarily 10 million pesos to Humberto Moreira, former governor of Coahuila, who demands that payment for an alleged “moral damage”, which he accused of following the publication of a column against him.

The seized assets would be auctioned off to pay the politician who on January 15, 2016 was arrested in Madrid accused of money laundering.

On January 20 of that year, Aguayo published an editorial article in which he pointed out that Moreira distilled a “corrupt stench.”

“Humberto Moreira faces, finally, a justice: the Spanish, which with that act shows that Mexican institutions are virtuous in protecting the corrupt,” Aguayo wrote in Reforma.

In addition, he said:Moreira is a politician who gives off the corrupt stench; that in the best of the scenarios he was ignored before terrible human rights violations committed in Coahuila, and that, finally, he is a bearer of the renowned Mexican impunity ”.

Moreira sued Aguayo in July 2016 for moral damages and in a vitiated process, where he was credited that one of the Magistrates that takes the case has a conflict of interest because of its proximity to the former PRI leader, the articulista of Grupo Reforma was sentenced to pay 10 million pesos for exercising their free expression.

Read more | This is the sentence against Aguayo, which condemns him to pay 10 million pesos for “moral damage” to Moreira

In the sentence of the sixth civil hallconcludes that Aguayo “has caused moral damage to the plaintiff Humberto Moreira Valdés, affecting his honor“, So that it is condemned to the“ publication or dissemination of the conviction at its expense, in the newspapers Reforma and the Century of Torreón, and personal twitter of the defendant Sergio Aguayo Quezada, being in said media and formats where spread the facts and opinions that constituted the affectation to the moral heritage of the actor… ”. Likewise, the defendant is condemned to pay Moreira 10 million pesos “For punitive damages”, in addition to the payment of “expenses and costs (the expenses that must be paid in a judicial process) generated ”to the former PRI leader, which are not specified.

Francisco Castillo González, Judge 16 of the Civil, on Monday asked Aguayo to serve the sentence issued against him last October by the Sixth Civil Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City, which found him responsible for “damage moral”.

Moreira lawyers were those who, last week, asked Judge Castillo to require compliance with the sentence: the payment of 10 million pesos to Moreira. The Mexican Senate is pending to discuss an initiative calling for “defamation” or “moral damage” to be punished with jail in an extension of judicial harassment against journalists

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