Joker 2 will leave New York for Los Angeles

Will the motion of this musical even now just take put in Gotham Metropolis?

After the disaster that rocked Warner Bros this summer, Joker: Insanity for two is the first superhero film to be officially “eco-friendly gentle” from the studio. Todd Phillips will shoot this sequel from subsequent December, all over again with Joaquin Phoenix in the main position, but also Girl Gaga in that of Harley Quinn. We also know that it will be a musical, and now it is specified that its filming will no for a longer time get location in New York, as for the initially function that was a achievements in the cinema in 2019, but in Los Angeles. The crew will therefore advantage from a reduction in the expenses granted to movie studios to shoot their blockbusters there, in this case 12.6 million cost savings on this certain undertaking, he reveals. IndieWire. A substantial sum, even recognizing that this sequel ought to price additional than the initial opus, staying the director and the star of the film drastically greater: Phillips and Phoenix must receive 20 million bucks every single many thanks to Joker 2 (against 4.5 million of the actor of the initially work) and Lady Gaga, 10 million. In exchange for this tax discounts, the staff is committed to hiring personnel in California, which should really provide in several million dollars for the state. The California Movie Commission estimates that the 18 films that just received this tax crack really should in the long run generate them $ 915 million.

Joaquin Phoenix and Girl Gaga will win the Joker 2 jackpot, taking pictures will get started in December

How will this improve of scenery be justified? Having said that, there need to be a single … for the reason that for the tale to carry on to unfold in Gotham City, the group accountable for picking out the filming destinations could reconstruct some of all those noticed in the initial element, which were shot in New York (precisely in the Bronx). , for the popular scene of a dance on a staircase) drawing seriously from the ambiance of the Significant Apple all through the rubbish strike in the 1970s. that Arthur Fleck / The Joker spends most of the film in Arkham Asylum? Would this enable the decorators to transform the mood from the initial portion?

Joker 2 will be unveiled in theaters on Oct 4, 2024.

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