Johan Derksen: “Leo Blokhuis should have refused the presentation of Top 2000”

Herman van der Zandt will replace Matthijs this year at Top 2000 galore. The fact that Leo continues this work with Herman and without Matthijs goes badly with Johan. ‘Blokhuis gained national fame thanks to Matthijs. Now Matthijs’cold‘, and that Blokhuis will do it with someone else. He shouldn’t have done that.”

However, Johan admits Leo is a good host for the programme. “For him this is obviously the highlight of the year, and he does it well. Actually, now he’s accusing Matthijs a bit, like: he actually has himself to blame for this. He doesn’t say it, but he just goes there As colleagues you are supportive at some point when something happens.”

Viewers disagree with Johan’s statements. They don’t think Leo has to pay for Matthijs’ mistakes. ‘What a bunch of bullshit from Johan Derksen! Let Leo Blokhuis beautifully present the Top 2000. Why shouldn’t he be allowed, when Matthijs Van Nieuwkerk behaved badly?’ writes someone on Twitter. Another agreed: ‘Good indeed! Leo Blokhuis is equally the face of that program. I’m just glad he’s here!’

Registrations for the Top 2000 quiz were stopped last week after from Volkskrant had published the much-discussed article on Matthijs van Nieuwkerk. As the program was partly pre-recorded, the program decided to scrap those recordings and cancel the planned recordings with Matthijs. These are now finished with Herman.

Top 2000 galore will air on NPO 1 from 26 to 31 December.

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