Joey Boy posted a picture, but secretly saw high heels, who asked by netizens?

Joey Boy posted a cool picture standing holding a skateboard. But netizens secretly saw high heels asking who the question?

This work makes social descendants have to work again after the famous young rapper Jo Abhisit Opas Iam Destiny or Joey Boy, the latest (12 Jan), who has come out to post pictures via ins Private Instagram While standing in a cool pose holding a skateboard With funny captions

“Go skating. Come on. Mom.”

But this event, netizens do not focus on skateboarding. But glanced to see who the high heels belong to Is it the camera’s photography? This event made fans and friends from the industry flock to comment under the picture. Tease and ask for the owner of that pair of shoes from young Joey.

Joey Boy

Joey BoyJoey BoyJoey Boy

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Cover photo: Instagram @joeybangkokboy

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