JMT Network Services signs 60,000 million baht contract to manage distressed debt

Stock dimension – Mr. Suthirak Trichiraporn Chief Executive Officer of JMT Network Services Public Company Limited or JMT revealed that recently, JMT has signed a contract to buy distressed debt to manage unsecured debt from financial institutions. commercial bank The total value is about 60,000 million baht, which is the company’s history of buying debt to manage. Supporting the current debt management portfolio is over 440,000 million baht (including JK AMC) and is confident that this year will be another good year in buying debt to manage the company. Supporting the overall profit growth target of more than 30% from the previous year

“If compared to many years that JMT used to invest in buying distressed debt to manage This year was the company’s best year to buy debt. This is an opportunity for JMT to have distressed debt. to generate good cash flow for the Company in the future.” Mr. Suthirak Trichiraporn said

In addition, JMT is in the process of bidding to purchase additional debt, this year focusing on unsecured loans, which are within the company’s expertise. Emphasizes Thailand’s leadership in debt tracking and management Get an overview of debt in the system from financial institutions that gradually open for auction.

JMT aims to invest 10,000 – 15,000 million baht for debt purchase this year, both secured and unsecured debt. plan along with the storage at a consistently good level

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2023-06-09 04:54:23
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