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Jiang Tao and MIRROR Teammates Attend Solo Concert Press Conference

Article date: May 18, 2023

Jiang Tao and MIRROR teammates Liu Yingting (Jer), Lu Hanting (Anson Lo), and Lu Jue’an (Edan) went to Taikoo Shing Center to attend the solo concert press conference today. Many Jiang Tang (fan relatives) lined up all night to support the idol, because The noise was complained by the residents, and Jiang Tao learned that the fans of his descendants were embarrassed, thinking that Jiang Tang might be too happy.

Jiang Tao made a “brother’s declaration” at the “CHILL CLUB Awards Ceremony” before, and was insinuated by RubberBand drummer Li Wanhong (Ni Ying). Jiang Tao said that he thanked his seniors for their concern, and he also felt that there was something wrong. He has to reflect on himself, so that his singing skills and attitude towards life will improve first, and he will discuss with his teammates first before attending events to give speeches in the future. The incident aroused discussion. He pointed out that he and others were talking about themselves, hoping to understand each other: “After this incident, I have learned something, but I will uphold a sincere attitude and express my thoughts.” Edan hopes that everyone will respect each other .

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