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One of the biggest stars of American cinema, the actress from “Friends” Jennifer Aniston, has gained even more popularity since she created an Instagram account (which happened recently). We are used to seeing Brad Pitt’s ex-wife always looking flawless on the red carpet. Hours ago, however, the 52-year-old star shared two photos on her Instagram account, in which she is completely natural.

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Jen is without makeup, with tousled hair and wrapped in a towel.

Understandably, her footage garnered over 2 million likes and many positive comments.

The “Friends” star may already be 52, but she looks great for her age. Her morning ritual is very simple – she washes her face with gel and water, then applies a day cream with sunscreen. The real trick, however, is not in what he puts on his face, but in what he drinks for breakfast. Jennifer adds a collagen supplement to her morning smoothie. “My nails are stronger, I feel healthier. A wonderful shine. It works from the inside out,” she said some time ago.

Internet photo

Jennifer Aniston at 52 - with tousled hair and no makeup (PHOTOS)

She also claims that practicing yoga and transcendental meditation helps her a lot to support herself physically and mentally.

In a previous interview with Bobby Brown, Jennifer commented on the pressure on women in Hollywood.

“What I have witnessed is that women try to stay forever young and submit to everything in the name of beauty. I am grateful to learn from their mistakes because I do not inject filth into my face. I look at them and My heart breaks: “Lord, if you only knew how old you look!” They’re trying to stop the clock, and all I see is an insecure person who just doesn’t want to be that old. “


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