Jedi Fallen Order met Returnal – review trailer for the action Scars Above

Studio Mad Head Games presented an overview trailer for a sci-fi action shooter Scars Above. Visually, the game is a bit like Returnal.

According to the plot, a giant, mysterious alien artifact entered the near-Earth orbit, causing a worldwide sensation. Earthlings dubbed the artifact a metahedron and sent the Life Forms and Communications Study (SCAR) team, consisting of scientists and engineers, to study it.


Everything did not go as planned: the metahedron unexpectedly transferred the team to a mysterious planet outside the solar system. You play as Dr. Keith Ward from SCAR. She comes to her senses alone among unfamiliar, hostile flora and fauna and goes on a campaign to find colleagues and find out what brought earthlings to this world.

Scars Above will be released February 28, 2023 on PC and consoles.

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