“Jatupon” opened up why the CPA supports “Boonlert” to enter the Chiang Mai Provincial Administrative Organization.

When people used to hold that A friendly person like Jatuporn Phromphan, President of the UDD, former MP for Thai invasion to help the campaign. Mr. Boonlert Buranupakorn, Prime Minister of the Chiang Mai Provincial Administrative Organization Competitor of Mr. Pichai Lertpongadisorn Pheu Thai Party’s supporters Until there was a collision on both sides

Mr. Pichai Lertpongadisorn  Pheu Thai Party's supporters
Mr. Pichai Lertpongadisorn Pheu Thai Party’s supporters

Size that the UDD president like “Jatuporn” Was kicked out of some red shirt groups Because he was not satisfied with the help “Boonlert” Campaigning but not helping Pheu Thai Party, which “Jatuporn” Responded without relentlessness

Why did the violent conflict arise? Hot for the size of people like the former MP for Thailand, and still being the president of the UDD, could not stand it out with the Thai Rath Online news team. “older sister” Broadcaster “I do not look at my eyes” Want to send the child in his own spell instead Now spread to rumors that “Jatuporn” Moved to the same side as “Rambo Isan” Mr. Suporn Attawong, Assistant Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office has passed away.

What is the truth? Let’s hear it from Mr. Jatupon Phromphan ….

Who is the person behind the attempt to “expel” from the UDD president?

Mr. Chatuporn said this was the case before going to Chiang Mai. A number of red shirts are the mainstay. Clips were sent to other vocalists. He showed me It is said that the way “Boonlert Buranupakorn” Prime Minister’s candidate, Chiang Mai Provincial Administrative Organization Will hire me to solve the game Now, when arriving in Chiang Mai I then gave the vocal that went with me. Call the person who gave a news conference. People older than friends, that’s why they say this. If not considerate, I am scolded. Because Pheu Thai Party Does not give justice to “Boonlert”

“Boonlert” heard the news that Pheu Thai will change him since he is in prison. That day, the Palang Pracharat Party did not have any. Because during his imprisonment on July 26-August 26, 2016, the 60th constitution has not even made a referendum, so he went to campaign against, “Jatuporn said …

The UDD president said, therefore, when accusing it in this way It’s the reason After not taking him We told those leaders that You go to help Pheu Thai Party. No problem. But you should not accuse others, because if you choose to benefit both present and future. Then have to choose Pheu Thai party How to choose the local prime minister alone?

Mr. Chatuphon said that we too can see that this family is“consistently”With the Red Shirts for more than 10 years, especially the leaders from the center When compared with the other case can see that Two clear standards In the case of the Isan region, one of the candidates for the President of Provincial Administrative Organization is“Power of the People’s State” During the campaign, he went to help the full power of the civil state. Until Thai people go to sing The Election Commission of Thailand is all over the news. It appears that before applying for election three days, resigned from the power of the Pracharat. Came to Pheu Thai Party, Pheu Thai Party raised his army to praise that A democracy Then the same army that came to collapse “Boonlert” That Chiang Mai To live with the power of the civil state And another person who attended the press conference Someone called to ask if Who ordered He was told that it was an adult. It is not difficult to look at that Who are the adults in Chiang Mai? That do something like this Which is an adult that creates chaos in Chiang Mai because it is said that many things have been a problem In fact, it shouldn’t have happened like this.

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We too see that Pheu Thai Party is unfair to the family. “Buranupakorn” He has been in service since Thai Rak Thai, People Power, for Thailand more than 20 years.

Mr. Boonlert Buranupakorn, Prime Minister of the Chiang Mai Provincial Administrative Organization, at Chatuporn helped the campaign
Mr. Boonlert Buranupakorn, Prime Minister of the Chiang Mai Provincial Administrative Organization, at Chatuporn helped the campaign

What is the reason for the Pheu Thai Party pouring “Boonlert”?

Mr. Jatuporn said Pheu Thai has always claimed to be a party system. Everyone knows the whole city that It is not a party system, it is. “Jay system” The truth is the day that I didn’t take him The People’s Power Party has not yet established. During that period, the campaign did not accept the draft constitution. Then he was in prison according to Pheu Thai Party’s policy. Pheu Thai Party assigned him the draft constitution. His niece, Tassanee Buranupakorn, at the time of the election Then persecuted him almost to die, would not let down Let him down at the last minute Today he is actively showing his stance on the students. The students are arrested. He insisted on bailing himself. Day using tear gas to spray water, he rose to beat the council.

Therefore, Pheu Thai Party does not argue with slander that He went to the power of the civil state even though he did not go. But if the Pheu Thai Party To bring people of civil power And to promote democracy Was the same people who came to attack in Chiang Mai that “Boonlert” Move to the power of the state. This charge is very unjust.

However, it is still with Pheu Thai party, right?

The UDD president said, in fact, I cannot belong to any party. In the past, when I was in prison There were people who were respected in the party and invited them to the prison. To help mobilize voices for the democratic side Which we are the ones who say “Pheu Thai Party will not have a shortlist. Will have to make a new plan and take the points to total at the end “ I also come to help in the condition that I am not ready. After the election, I announced that the role was completely stopped. After the election, I never stepped on the party for even a day. After completing his duties, he returned.

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Today’s Pheu Thai Party I can’t be disqualified from any political party. But we are not enemies I still said Don’t worry, the representatives. Because this will not affect the representatives But I cannot agree. With how to drive away honest people To accusations that he betrayed the power of the People’s State, despite the betrayal of the party before him. The truth will say that the party is not. The truth is that “Jay” is not looking to look like this. Not going to look at the exam results for subjects, such as cases that were deeply moved to the whole house and the city, such as the Boss case in Witthaya, I also invited the Pheu Thai Party to see if we could meet Mahakun. You are innocent, but if you have a name, how will you show responsibility? Because it does not bring about double standards And injustice

Suporn Atthawong (Rambo Isan)
Suporn Atthawong (Rambo Isan)

If Brother Tu could go back to play politics Will you go see Rambo as he is rumored or not?

Mr. Jatupon continued that the people who accused me did not know me when I was not yet 20. Going to be a Doi Teacher Volunteer Teacher at Chiang Dao District, Chiang Mai Province, for a total of 3 years without receiving a single salary After that came to study Ramkhamhaeng Until I encountered the “Black May” event after being dissolved at Ratchadamnoen I was the one who led the battle at Ramkhamhaeng. Is the last seat for the People’s Party in the year 2535 until the decisive point The King Rama IX called the parties to divorce the battle. I got down to the stage empty-handed, so I had a long time fighting politics on the street.

Unjust sounding, why did you join me on one side?

Until April 53 and 57, I was in the council very little compared to the road. I’ve been on the road for more than 30 years if I want to be an elector. I could have been better If that goodness is fortune and praise But I didn’t choose that path. I chose the battle path of the people. He went to jail four times. If you choose to follow that path There is no way of life like today Therefore the person who said Considered to be slanderous because there was a case of me wearing a yellow shirt “Shinawatra family” He was wearing a yellow shirt. “Real Phan Thong” Volunteer before me Whole Pheu Thai Party Make a statement on behalf of the party Went to volunteer for the yellow shirt party Since the management of the Senate “Thai Raksa Chart Party ” Went to volunteer as a volunteer “A new future” Is a volunteer wearing a yellow shirt “Then why did you come to join me alone? If you say I’m wearing a yellow shirt and then I move sideways. What about those who wore yellow shirts before me?

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It is clear and stable in this ideology.

The President of the UDD said that if I were to choose politics and such a way of life I went to be the politician the way the electorate he was. Do not be in trouble. It’s time to discuss the council Why do we choose the difficult path? This is until the end of my life, and in 5 years I am 60 and I think that people like me will change? And after leaving prison Then found that I went to the deal In exchange for not going to jail Not true After that, I didn’t survive a single case. Even the cases that Abhisit filed I came out of jail for one night and Mr. Abhisit asked the lawyer to sue the next day that I haven’t fully caged I went to look for the petition. Is the first case in Thailand I had previously locked me in prison. Applying for prison representatives Not allowed to come out and exercise rights The Constitutional Court also pointed out that I was disqualified because I did not exercise my rights. I’ve fought like this all my life.

“How can I go to good at the end of my life? Because other people, Aman betrayed me, for example, the election of the Provincial Administrative Organization of Thailand, this time many areas for Thailand Together with the power of the civil state Election day finished So I can see who is who and what to deceive me. I am all right. I am a political person. I know. I saw an example. Resigned from the Palang Pracharat Party for 3 days to live in Pheu Thai Previously cursing him almost died, “said Jatuporn …

Political enthusiasts will have to keep an eye on after the election of the President of the Provincial Administrative Organization of Thailand. Relationship between “Jatuporn” and Pheu Thai Party, this event is still sweet.

Author: Dej Jiu Yi

Graphics: Varanya Phae-araya


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