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János Lázár visited Eger and nurtured the souls of the Fidesz people

On June 9, the voters will have to choose between war or peace, occupation or growth, just as nationally and in Eger, the Minister of Construction and Transport said on Thursday at the podium discussion held at the campaign opening event of the Fidesz-KDNP in Eger.

Parliamentarian Gábor Pajtók greeted Lázár in the company of candidate for mayor Ákos Vágner. Pajtók presented the situation in Eger, according to him, in the recent period, the Eger General Assembly went through a period of crisis, moreover, due to the incompetence of the city administration, the city lost billions, and development came to a dead end. According to him, we need candidates who are credible and are not burdened by their past with the current General Assembly. Eger’s development can only be guaranteed by peace and a cohesive and committed team, he emphasized.

Vágner – Oroján – Russian

Since before the elections it is already impossible to count the mayoral candidates of Fidesz or former Fidesz in Eger, he considered it important to mention that their political opponents also know that only a united, cohesive team can guarantee development in the city, which is why they are making it known that in Eger there are more There is Fidesz. There is a Fidesz in Eger and despite all reports to the contrary, the Fidesz-KDNP party alliance is also inviolable in Eger he highlighted.

According to János Lázár, the party’s most important task is to fight for trust both locally and nationally, because since the amnesty case, “Fidesz is writing a slightly different history and moving at a different time and scale than it originally planned”. In this situation, putting aside internal misunderstandings and conflicts, cooperation, humility and hard work are needed, he stated.

If the Fidesz-KDNP party alliance wins the elections, they will guarantee the citizens of the country that they will live in peace and local communities that support government work and cooperate with the cabinet get money – he added.

He emphasized that Fidesz is not only a community of interests, but also thinks in terms of values, which is why the amnesty case did a lot of damage to the party. And the president of the republic left without explaining: the government and Viktor Orbán had nothing to do with this decision, he noted. Péter Magyar is taking advantage of this situation to visit the country as a new messiah and there is interest in him, especially from disappointed opposition voters, he said. “You don’t have to exaggerate, but you also don’t underestimate the phenomenon: you have to put on the gloves, you have to and can win this election from the bottom, with humility,” said János Lázár.

Regarding the European Parliament election, he explained: two worlds are fighting each other and whoever thinks there is a bridge between them is wrong. Voting is not about distant and abstract things, but about where the fate of Hungarians, including the people of Eger, will be decided – he said. According to the minister, the stronger Brussels is, the weaker Budapest is. He added: the leaders of today’s opposition are already “dollar servants” and they intend the same fate for the country. János Lázár stated that only one person can guarantee that the country will be able to stay out of the war: Viktor Orbán and only one political force, Fidesz.

He urged the local candidates and voters of the governing parties to fully cooperate, because according to his words, only the mayoral candidate of the Fidesz-KDNP, Ákos Vágner and his team, can achieve change in Eger this year. This is necessary because one of the most beautiful cities in the country has reached a dead end after the last time a mayor was elected who wanted to be and not do – He told.

He emphasized that in a normally functioning city, politicians do not deal with each other, but with their settlement. He called the issue of the road bypassing the county seat one such case, which he considers one of the most important tasks of Ákos Vágner if he is elected, and whose realization, costing HUF 90 billion, is supported by the cabinet in cooperation with him.

index image: MTI/Péter Komka

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