Jan Mandát Overcomes Adversity in Match against Sparta: Rise Above Negative Audience Reactions

Jan Mandát Overcomes Adversity in Match against Sparta: Rise Above Negative Audience Reactions

Jan Mandát (cutaway) | Photo: Jan Beneš, hc sparta.cz and hcdynamo.cz

They reached for three points, in the end they only take one. In the match of the 3rd extra league round with Sparta, Pardubice held a narrow 3:2 lead less than 30 seconds before the final siren, but they lost it and eventually fell 3:4 after raids. In addition to suffering in the end, Dynamo has not been able to establish itself in the power play since the beginning of the competition. “It looks nice, but there is no efficiency,” realizes Jan Mandát, who caught unflattering words from the home audience during the match.

Full corridors, heated battles and emotions. He knows that the tense atmosphere was not only on the ice, but also in the audience

Jan Mandate

attacker, 27 years old

” href=” Mandate yours. During the match with Sparta, he had to listen to nasty curses because of his past.

Two years ago in January, he tested positive for doping, specifically for cocaine, for which he received a two-year suspension in the extra-league. “Since I came back this January, this is the first time someone has let it out on me. I’m just laughing about it,” says the Pardubice striker, who was shouted at by the home fans as “junkie”.

“What I did that time was beef, and I still regret it.”

“What I did back then was beef, and I still regret it. I regret it and will live with it for the rest of my life. It got me even more fired up in the match. I was angry and it poured blood into my veins to show them that I have changed and I am a different person,” says the 27-year-old winger on the sensitive topic.

Over 10,000 spectators watched the match between Sparta and Pardubice – the two biggest contenders for the title – in Prague’s O2 arena.

“We were expecting and hoping that there would be a great atmosphere here. These are exactly the matches you look forward to two days in advance. We are just sorry that we did not manage the match towards the end. Such is hockey, it will hurt us for a while, but we will move on and focus on the next matches,” Mandát is not worried about the loss.

Pardubice were more active in shooting from the opening minutes, but their effort was stuck in the finish, or it was stopped by the Spartan goalkeeper Josef Kořenář. However, the East Bohemians had a successful start to the third period.

“These are exactly the matches you look forward to two days in advance.”

Within a minute, they turned the score from 1:2 to 3:2. “What happens on a cabin break stays in the cabin. We had the momentum we were looking for in the second period. It seemed so dead to us that it was a match with Sparta,” he reflects.

The hockey players from Pardubice played five overtime games against Sparta, a total of fourteen in this season. However, they are still waiting for a goal from the numerical advantage.

“I believe that when the first goal falls, it will change. We have a lot of chances, but we haven’t helped ourselves yet. If we had prevailed, perhaps the match would have turned out differently,” argues Mandát.

In the 43rd minute, part of the stadium was already cheering, the Pardubice overpowering curse seemed to be broken. But David Cienciala sent his attempt to the top post, from which the puck bounced into the left part of the structure and flew out. The referees still examined the whole situation on video.

“A lot of guys have little kids at home, they’ll be long asleep by the time they get back.”

“I only saw the situation from the switchboard. It’s strange that we didn’t hear the bar so we thought it must have been the back one where the cover is. But it probably wasn’t a goal,” Mandáta regrets the chance that would have given his team a two-goal lead.

The basic playing time has thus been relatively extended. In addition, even extra time did not decide the balanced situation, and the duel ended after almost three hours – at half past ten in the evening. “I was wondering how long we would play here. A lot of guys have small children at home, and when they come back, they’ll already be asleep,” laughs Mandát.

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