Jan Kanyza: A Look into the Life and Career of a Popular Actor

Jan Kanyza: A Look into the Life and Career of a Popular Actor

photo: Czech Television, with permission for the media/Sins for viewers of detective stories

Not only PrahaIN.cz, but also many other viewers noticed it. The holiday broadcast in many cycles and films belonged to the actor Jan Kanyza. We could see him during the summer on Nova in the TV series Hospoda, where he portrayed the exalted lawyer Vladimír Zatloukal.

He repeatedly appeared on Czech television in the popular cycle Sins for viewers of detective stories. Here, for a change, was Major Ragánek, who gradually became closer to Dagmar Havelová (alias Dáša). And to make matters worse, Kanyz also got prime time with the movie Murder of a Domestic Cat.

Here too, Kanyza was in the role of a criminal investigator, this time he played Major Bohuslav.

You could say that every week, a prominent role of a popular actor. However, on the other hand, we must not forget that The Murder of a Domestic Cat was filmed in 2004, Hospoda in 1996, and Klein’s ten-part Sins for viewers of detective stories a year earlier, i.e. in 1995.

Jan Kanyza found himself on the movie screen even later.

Let’s mention Rape (2000) with Kateřina Brožová, Tomáš Hanák and Miroslav Etzler, as well as the popular Ordinaci v rozá žárdena (from 2005) or the historical thriller In the Name of the King. The director was Petr Nikolaev. But in recent years there is a blank space in Kanyza’s filmography.

We wrote

“And you make excuses instead of punishment? What is your profession, with what means did you buy a towel, you brat, you fool of reason, pretending passion…

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People notice it both on social networks and in the debates surrounding reruns, as well as our readers. Several of them wrote to us during the holidays with their questions, especially regarding the actors from Hospoda. Most of the central protagonists have already died: Ladislav Potměšil, Bronislav Poloczek, Jiří Menzel, Pavel Vondruška, Jiří Krytinář, Lubomír Lipský or Věra “Jonášová” Tichánková.

Jan Kanyza is still alive, although in the discussions read, viewers repeatedly stated “that they miss him and will miss him”.

The reasons are prosaic. Three of his colleagues revealed them to us. Kanyza was repeatedly accused of collaborating with the StB (it was written HERE or HERE). Although the court decided in 2007 that this was not the case (more HERE or HERE), Kanyza was said to be so psychologically devastated that he later hung up on filming. According to our information, he continues to meet with his colleagues. However, he only devotes himself to painting.

“I like Honza, I don’t want to go back to the past, we never even talked about it at home. One should not judge if one does not have relevant information,” Kanyz’s colleague told PrahaIN.cz. They have known each other for decades, yet she did not want to publicize her name.

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