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Jackson: government plan if Rejection wins considers elections and “new text on blank page”

The Minister of the Segpres, Giorgio Jackson, explained the approach that President Gabriel Boric made in an interview with CHV regarding the continuity of the constitutional process in case the citizens reject the text proposed by the Constitutional Convention in the exit plebiscite on September 4.

Arguing that the citizenry so decided on October 25, 2020, the President proposed an election of constituents and a new convention process if the Rejection is imposed.

“Chile voted clearly in a plebiscite that it wants a new Constitutionbut did not vote only this, voted that he wants a new Constitution written by a body specially elected for that purpose”, said the head of state, adding that if the Rejection wins “there must be a new constituent process” and a vote to elect conventionals.

After the intervention, Minister Jackson gave further information of the determination announced by the government, and that generated a series of reactions in the political world.

“They have asked us so much that it seemed reasonable to me and the President considered it so and in the political committee we also discussed it, that he could transmit this openly to the citizenry and thus we have a President who is transparent regarding his position , which advances one position and delivers certainties regarding the paths that could take us the day after the plebiscite”, said the Secretary of State.

Subsequently, he planned that the outline of the Executive is that in case “the Approval option comes out, the government will work to implement the new Constitution and improve those things that have to be improved within the proposal that was put on the table” but that, on the other hand, in the case of Rejection (imposing) a process is initiated”. It was there that he specified that it would include “elections, new text on a blank page, which obviously has to be endorsed by the citizens later”.

From the government they had avoided referring to the scenario after the plebiscite. In fact, until now, the President had only anticipated that, regardless of which alternative was imposed on September 4, he would be available to promote adjustments or constitutional reforms.

However, today, after the path outlined by the President, the ministers of the political committee came out to ratify the new route.

Shortly before Jackson’s intervention, the Minister of the Interior, Izkia Siches, assured that the President “today marked a roadmap” and that a new constituent process “It is part of the interpretation that we make as a government.”

“We had a plebiscite where more than 80% of the population said that they wanted to advance towards a new Constitution and the interpretations that are being considered is to eventually contemplate calling elections for new conventions and starting a new process”he detailed.

For her part, the spokeswoman, Camila Vallejo, assured that there is a popular mandate “which is to have a new Constitution and with people democratically elected exclusively for that purpose”, as adopted in the entry plebiscite “in majority”, and in which was also defined “the mechanism”.

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