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J: COM and Plume® enter into partnership for sales of the latest smart home services to cable operators all over Japan


TOKYO, October / PRNewswire / – Existing contracts with ten cable operators for 2020 launch; first deployments at Chupicom Fureai, Chupicom Hiroshima, Imizu Cable Network and Kanazawa Cable in July

Jupiter Telecommunications Co. Ltd. (J: COM), the largest provider of cable television in Japan with more than 5.5 million subscribers, and Plume, a pioneer in smart home services, today announced an expanded partnership in which J: COM launched the Plume platform for cable operators throughout Japan.

As of today, cable companies in Japan have the opportunity to offer the most modern platform for consumer experience management (CEM) for the intelligent home. Plume’s CEM platform uses cloud and AI technology to improve the WiFi environment for users at home. At the same time, the operating costs of the service providers are significantly reduced. ZAQ Mesh Wi-Fi, Powered by Plume® combines intelligent tools for back-end support with highly customized front-end consumer services.

J: COM will offer Plume’s full suite of products, including Haystack (TM), Plume’s smart suite of support services, tools, and data dashboards that give service providers more options than ever to efficiently manage subscribers. The Plume CEM platform provides a comprehensive overview of the home network of subscribers. This enables customer service teams to quickly find and fix problems. As a result, customer satisfaction increases significantly and throughput and support costs decrease sharply.

“Plume knows the crucial needs, requirements and problems of today’s smart home and has become an established partner for Internet service providers and cable providers worldwide,” said Yusuke Ujimoto, corporate officer and managing director of business innovation at J: COM. “Cable operators across Japan now have tools and technology at their fingertips to stay competitive and provide high value services to their subscribers.”

Japanese cable operators can also offer their subscribers HomePass®, which is part of Plume’s CEM platform and an expanding package of smart home services. It can be installed in minutes using the Plume app and offers:

* Plume Adaptive WiFi (TM) intelligently optimizes home networks to seamlessly deliver Internet services to any device.

* Extended control options for users give insight into what is going on in the user’s network. There are access controls for guests and children, profiles, content filters and the possibility to pause.

* AI Security (TM) detects and blocks possible threats, personalizes access to content and eliminates unwanted advertisements.

* Plume Motion (TM) uses devices with WLAN connection to provide information about the entire home through motion detection.

* SuperPod® WiFi access points use power outlets to provide reliable internet coverage throughout the home.

ZAQMesh Wi-Fi, Powered by Plume is quick to deploy and scale. Operators can start deploying in less than 45 days. J: COM has already agreed on an introduction with ten cable operators. Chupicom Fureai, Chupicom Hiroshima, Imizu Cable Network and Kanazawa Cable will provide the services in July. Ichinoseki Cable Network, Katch Network, CableTV (Tochigi), Ina Cable Television, CRCC Media and Bay Communications Inc. will follow in the second half of 2020.

“We are excited to offer our subscribers a new level of speed, security, personalization and control in the home,” said Hiroyuki Nakatani, Executive Managing Director at Chupicom Fureai. “ZAQ Mesh Wi-Fi, Powered by Plume, is the perfect complement to our premium broadband offering and supports our commitment to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.”

The expanded partnership between J: COM and Plume follows the successful launch of J: COM Mesh Wi-Fi, Powered by Plume in October 2019. The Plume Cloud now manages more than 800 million devices in 16 million households worldwide.

“We are delighted to enable J: COM to further develop its operations while expanding Plume’s presence in Japan and Asia,” commented Fahri Diner, one of the founders and CEO of Plume. “Household networking plays an important role for all consumers today and we are convinced that the possibility of self-installation and support without contact in the center of our offer for cable operators in Japan come at the optimal time for their subscribers with a comprehensive offer for the intelligent To please home. ”

About Plume®

Plume has created the world’s first platform for Consumer Experience Management (CEM). The platform uses OpenSync. Plume is the only open and hardware-independent solution and offers the compilation and provision of new smart home services quickly and with high volumes. Plume’s Adaptive WiFi (TM), AI Security (TM) (secure access controls), extended parental controls and Plume Motion (TM) are included in the package of Smart Home Services under the name HomePass® from Plume. It is managed via the Plume Cloud, a cloud controller that uses data and AI and currently operates the world’s largest software-defined network. Plume uses OpenSync, an open source framework that integrates leading software development kits (SDK) (chip and platform) for coordination through the Plume Cloud.

Visit www.plume.com and www.opensync.io.

Plume, Powered by Plume, HomePass, Haystack, Plume Adaptive WiFi, AI Security, Plume Motion, SuperPod and OpenSync are trademarks or registered trademarks of Plume Design Inc.

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