Iva Pazderková spoke about depression: She cries every morning…

Iva Pazderková

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Actress and singer Iva Pazderková does not tolerate aging, with which she struggles quite a bit. In a new episode of the 7-story talk show, Honza Dědka spoke openly about the suffering she has been suffering from the coming years and how she is coping with unpleasant feelings. He finds the greatest support mainly in his work.

In the premiere episode of the talk show 7 Falls of Honza Dědek, actor Zdeněk Žák, director Petr Zelenka, writer Jan Novák and also actress Iva Pazderková will sit in the guests’ chairs. She confided in the moderator her suffering, which stems from her age. “Age is not just a number. I’m completely depressed. I’m not age-matched, I’m completely done. I cry in front of the mirror every morning. I’m struggling to feel like I’m quitting. Statistically, I’m halfway there. That’s terrible. And you, too, by the way, “the forty-two-year-old actress reminded 50-year-old moderator Honz Dědek. “It simply came to our notice then. So first of all it hurts a lot. And what exactly begins? Hell begins, end begins. That’s nothing nice, “Pazderková said.

He finds joy in his work

Although Iva Pazderková is struggling with her age, she can at least look at her stable career with a smile. She sings with the Prague Selection and recently made a film called The Great Premiere, in which she shines alongside Iva Janžurová. “I was filming with Mrs. Janžurová. I have a beautiful role and I was lucky to be approached by Mr Krobot. It’s called the Grand Premiere and I play a good girl there. So the counter task. The only stupid thing is that I’m very natural there. I hate makeup, but it’s a disaster. Pazderková with a face in 40+ on a large screen. I thought I would be happy, but how late it came to be “It’s worth considering,” Pazderkova said amusedly.

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In addition to cinema screens in the summer, it will also be on concert stages with the band Pražský výběr. “I don’t have to prove anything anymore, because I sing with the Prague selection. To this day, I don’t understand when I look around the stage that I’m standing with them, “the actress and singer confided.

The role of a passerby captivated him

Actor Zdeněk Žák talked to Honza Dědek about how he was doing in his economy and recalled his acting beginnings. “I am a trained toolmaker. But I didn’t enjoy toolmaking. I once went with a friend over Charles Bridge and at the end there was the office of Veleobce baráčníků. They had an amateur ensemble. They had a huge sign that they would accept actors, actresses and technicians. A friend signed up for technology, I signed up for an actor. I got the role of a passer-by, so I liked that I stayed there, “the actor returned in time.

Director Petr Zelenka described, among other things, how he managed to discover actor Miroslav Krobot, and writer Jan Novák spoke about what it was like to move to Chicago as a child because his father embezzled money. Watch the new episode of the talk show 7 Falls of Honza Dědek on Tuesday at 21:35 on Prime.

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