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“It’s like the girlfriend who leaves them, and they wait for a text message”

The TD Garden did not receive Kyrie Irving well on his return to Boston, now as a member of the Nets.

The controversial point guard of Australian origin was booed by a large part of the fans of the Celticsthe one that until a couple of seasons ago had its hopes pinned on him to return to the top of the NBA.

After his failed attempt and the irruption of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, Irving was forced to leave Brooklyn to try to recover the scepter that he got in his time with the Cavaliers.

On the position of the fans of the Celticsthe point guard did not take much importance to him and even made ironic about the way he was treated during his team’s defeat (120-126) on Sunday.

“I know it’s going to be like this for the rest of my career coming here,” he said. Irving. “She’s like the scorned girlfriend who just wants an explanation as to why.”

“I left, but I was still expecting to get a text. It was fun while it lasted. The reality is that I am grateful for my time here in Boston. Everyone in the front office, everyone in that locker room treated me well. I still have longstanding relationships in our league that extend like a brotherhood to us, and we remain close,” he added.

The 29-year-old only played two seasons with the Celticswhere he had averages of 24.4 and 23.8 points per season, not insignificant figures.

In the end, he did not manage to fulfill the objective that was raised since his arrival and ended up leaving on not very good terms with a fanatic who expected more than one of the greatest offensive weapons in the entire league. NBA. The #11 is clear that this will be all his visits to the mythical TD Garden, something that will be far from bothering you or making you nervous.

Do you think with Kyrie Irving the Celtics would be number one contenders for the title in the Eastern Conference?

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