Italy to win the UEFA Nations League? Difficult


Trainer Italy Roberto Mancini hope the team can win UEFA Nations League after winning Euro 2020 in July. However, he realized that the target was also not easy to achieve, given the steep road that had to be traversed.

Italy will be back to face Spanish in the semifinals at the San Siro, Thursday (7/10) early morning WIB. The match repeated what happened at Euro 2020, where Gli Azzurri also met La Furia Roja in the same phase.

At that time, Spain appeared more dominant, forcing Italy to play defensively. Jorginho et al could only step into the final after winning on penalties 4-2. Many think that Sergio Busquets et al are the most difficult opponents for Italy during the tournament, and this is agreed by Mancini.

Therefore, when we meet Spain again in the middle of this week, the prediction of a tight match will appear again. Italy is also expected to be under the same pressure from the squad again Luis Enrique.

“Spain is the team that has troubled us the most during Euro 2020. They are a good team, with a good line-up,” he said. Mancini ahead of the match, quoted on the official UEFA website.

“The match will be exciting. (Flowing passes) is their advantage. We didn’t have time to match their level in that regard. The situation will be different this time,” continued the former Inter Milan and Manchester City coach.

“It would be great if we could win the UEFA Nations League immediately after the European Cup, including if we could qualify for next year’s World Cup sooner, but it will not be easy.” Mancini.




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