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Italian music in tears, the bitter announcement of these hours: “The death of a son …”

The world of music is going through one of the most terrible moments due to the loss of a great artist. But what has been discovered about it?

We know full well that Sunday is the day it is dedicated to Mara Venier and its Sunday program in. Inside the living room of one of the most popular Rai programs, there are numerous guests that have followed each other by telling of experiences and sad and dramatic episodes.

Mourning in the world of web source music

Sunday, October 28 it was the turn of Stefania Picasso, wife of the late Franco Gatti. We are talking about that man who passed away a few days ago ad 80 years old and who is known by many as the author of one of the songs that managed to make the history of Italian musica song brought to success by The Rich and the Poor.

Stefania and Franco were together 42 yearsa long and happy life. The wife, although see you later than she has lost an important part of his lifehas managed to stay elegant and with the smile printed in the face during the whole chat, also trying to do light on some points that the media have reported incorrectly. Stefania also wanted to talk about the loss of Alessio, that is son died at 23an event that happened in 2013. He died of a mix of heroin and alcohol.

The terrible mourning before the loss of her husband

It was 2013 the year in which Franco Gatti together with I Ricchi e Poveri were now ready to set foot on stage of the Ariston and take home the Lifetime Achievement Award on the occasion of the Sanremo Festival. Together with Franco there was also her, there wife Stefania. And happy moment who was suddenly interrupted by one of the nastiest phone calls the couple had ever received.

It was precisely on that occasion that the musician together with his wife they learned of the death of their son. It was this a very hard hit to overcome even if the two spouses have managed in every way to find the force to move forward.

As we read on gossipetv.com, Stefania states ““I felt a lot of pain as the media keep talking about Alessio in a certain way, almost blaming the pain they saw in Franco’s eyes. I also heard: “Franco let himself go”. No!”.

Franco Gatti and Stefania Picasso web source

These are the words that Stefania reveals to Mara Venier, an occasion in which she however wanted to avoid pointing the finger at the average even if she wanted in any case to clarify how things went following this event: “The death of a son it breaks your heart, we would have given our lives for him, like any parent. I assure you that Franco tried to transform his pain. He and I have held conferences around Italy to give hope to those parents who were unable to work through such a heavy bereavement. It was a way to win our battle. The best gift is when I saw him take the stage at one of my conferences. Franco improved after this sad event, he had different and deeper values ​​”.

The chat continues with the intervention of Mara Venier who says that some are convinced that the singer is died from pain which he never managed to metabolize after death of the child. And even in this case Picasso wanted to offer one different version on what were the real ones reasons which caused the death of her husband.

The host then claims that her longtime husband was sick and, after turning out positive for covidhe was no longer able to get back in shape at 100%, “Franco had previous chronic pathologies. Then he caught Covid two years ago and has been in a crazy decline ever since. He left the group for this, he couldn’t take it anymore physically. He could no longer travel etc. But the media have come up with shocking things. To keep saying certain things … Already 10 years ago they made my son look like an alcoholic and drug addict, when he, on the other hand, only made a fool of himself ”.

An interview that continues by talking once again about Alessio. For a long time several people had thought that the dead son it was a alcoholic and drug addict. The mother, however, wanted to specify that the young man was not not dependent at all from drugs and alcohol. His death was caused by a isolated case.

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