It will soon be possible to take e-sport training at VUB

The VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) will launch a postgraduate e-sport program in October, entitled “Expert Class in Esports Management”.

The Brussels University would be the first in Belgium and the Netherlands to offer such a course. The Expert Class in Esports Management will initially study the economic and commercial aspect of the virtual sport sector. In addition to the players, the discipline also has sponsors, event organizers, companies specializing in technology, television and broadcasting. “In 2020, the video game is much more than a simple digital game. It is a big business. E-sport or competition through video games is today more accessible and more visual than ever”, said in a press release.

During this training, international speakers who have built their careers in the sector will be invited. They come from countries like Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Netherlands. The series of lessons is part of the Faculty of Physical Education and Kinesitherapy – Department of Motor Skills and Sport.


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