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“It will be a gas plant”: in Caen, the map of the future school is worrying

In the agglomeration of Caen (Calvados), several colleges are facing an excessively high employment rate. This is the case, for example, of the Guillemot boarding school in Mondeville, which in addition to the pupils of the municipality welcomes those from the nearby municipality of Colombelles.

This situation has already generated several protests from parents in recent years. The facility designed to accommodate 550 students now receives … 600! “This figure should stabilize around 620 in the next school year,” assures the department council. The situation remains unsustainable.

Less diversity?

It turns out that a few kilometers away, the Henri Brunet boarding school in Caen should, on the contrary, see its numbers decline in the next school years. Hence the department’s idea of ​​allowing students residing in Mondeville and Colombelles to apply, on a voluntary basis, to an assignment from Brunet college. But this solution worries many student parents, such as Anthony: “That’s just what we feared. No one foresaw this situation. Result: it will inevitably generate transport difficulties. Not everyone can take their kids to college 10km away. And for the moment nothing is planned. It will be a real gas plant “.

A fear shared by Hélène Burgat, mayor of Mondeville. “We are aware that something needs to be done. But this hasty proposal raises several issues that really worry us. Of course, this student transport problem. But above all its consequence: we have been working here for many years to promote social diversity. And it works. It is now feared that this “waiver” to a downtown high school will break all these efforts, simply because it will necessarily be easier for some families to travel to Caen.

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