It was 27 years ago that a freight train killed at Braga Station

There were five, four men and a woman. In Braga, clothing and appliance stores were robbed, as well as a garage and a restaurant. They have now been convicted in the Braga Court, two of them on effective imprisonment because they already have several criminal records.

The Court of Braga has shown that three of the defendants, a woman named Elisabet, 23, from Barcelos, accompanied by José Manuel Pinto, 23, Braga and Mário João Araújo, 27, were in February 2017 to the store Our selectionat Rua de Santa Margarida, in Braga, where they entered, with it open to the public, having stolen two sneakers and an Adidas coat, worth 345 euros.

Elisabet entertained the clerk, and the other two appropriated the clothing.

On the 15th of the same month, the two other defendants, Frederico Rodrigues, 36, from Braga and Bruno de Matos, 39, from Aveiro, but residing in Braga, entered the same shop and carried 27 sneakers in bags. and coats, valued at 1,912 euros.

Before they had done the store PM space, in Braga, stealing a television and other items, worth 1,966 euros, a garage, where they made their various bottles of wine, worth 500 euros, and the restaurant terrace Aunt Isabelwhere they stole chairs, tables and cutlery.

A few days ago, the panel of judges sentenced Mário Araújo (with eight convictions for robbery, violation of home and qualified theft) to five years and two months imprisonment, effective.

Also effective is that of Frederico Rodrigues, two years and four months. Elisabet, two and eight months, José Manuel Pinto (10 months) and Bruno (12 months) were suspended.

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