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It should be IDR 30,000, this is the price of Pertalite and Pertamax on June 30 at all gas stations


Price of Pertalite and Pertamax today, Thursday (30/6/2022) there is no change. Special Pertalitethe government is still holding back the price of Pertamina’s fuel by subsidizing it from the state budget.

This is as stated by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) when he mentioned the price of fuel oil (BBM) in Indonesia. Pertalite and Pertamax fuel prices tend to be cheaper than neighboring countries.

Jokowi said the large amount of energy subsidies could build a new State Capital (IKN). Jokowi asks for all understanding because it is not easy to suppress prices in the current global situation and conditions.

“It can be used to build capital city one because the figure is already IDR 502 trillion. This is all we have to understand, how long can we survive with subsidies of this size. If we don’t understand the numbers, we can’t feel how serious the problem is today,” said Jokowi at the PDI-P National Working Meeting on Tuesday (21/6/2022).

Meanwhile, the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Arifin Tasrif spoke about the spike in world oil prices which was quite high. Arifin said world oil prices were above US$ 100-120 per barrel.

The high world oil price affects the economic price of fuel oil (BBM), including in Indonesia. In fact, the price of RON 90 and RON 92 fuels such as Pertalite and Pertamax should be above Rp 30,000.

“Currently, world oil prices are above US$ 100-120 per barrel. The economic price of RON 90 and RON 92, on average, is above Rp 30,000. We have to anticipate this because the energy crisis situation cannot be predicted to end this year or later. much longer,” said Arifin DPPU Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara on Friday (24/6) in a written statement quoted on Monday (27/6/2022).

Latest Pertalite and Pertamax Prices

Pertamax Price in all Public Fuel Filling Stations (SPBU) varies depending on the region. Whereas for Pertalite price at all gas stations in Indonesia is the same at IDR 7,650/liter.

Pertamina makes adjustments to fuel prices from time to time in order to implement the Ministerial Decree (Kepmen) ESDM No. 62 K/12/MEM/2020 concerning Basic Price Formula in Calculation of Retail Sales Prices for General Fuel Oil Types of Gasoline and Diesel Oil Channeled Through Public Fuel Filling Stations.

Pertamax Price List in all provinces:

Aceh Rp 12,500

North Sumatra Rp 12,750

West Sumatra Rp 12,750

Riau IDR 13,000

Riau Islands IDR 13,000

Batam Municipality (FTZ) IDR 13,000

Jambi Rp 12,750

Bengkulu IDR 13,000

South Sumatra Rp 12,750

Bangka-Belitung Rp 12,750

Lampung Rp 12,750

DKI Jakarta Rp 12,500

Banten Rp 12,500

West Java Rp 12,500

Central Java Rp 12,500

DI Yogyakarta Rp 12,500

East Java Rp 12,500

Bali Rp 12,500

West Nusa Tenggara IDR 12,500

East Nusa Tenggara IDR 12,500

West Kalimantan Rp 12,750

Central Kalimantan Rp 12,750

South Kalimantan Rp 12,750

East Kalimantan Rp 12,750

North Kalimantan Rp 12,750

North Sulawesi Rp 12,750

Gorontalo Rp. 12,750

Central Sulawesi Rp 12,750

Southeast Sulawesi Rp 12,750

South Sulawesi Rp 12,750

West Sulawesi Rp 12,750

Maluku Rp 12,750

North Maluku Rp 12,750

Papuan Rp 12,750

West Papua RP 12,750

Here’s the list Pertalite and Pertamax prices today at all Pertamina gas stations throughout Indonesia.

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