It is suspected that the mob of HRS lovers surrounded Mahfud MD’s house in Madura, Menkopolhukam: They disturbed my mother

MANTRA SUKABUMI – There is a video that shows a house in Madura being rammed pulp, which was recently known as the house was a house Mahfud MD.

The supposed masses of lovers HRS Siege of the House Mahfud MD by shouting.

Menkopolhukam also commented on the video uploaded by Twitter @jumianto_RK on December 1, 2020.

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As quoted by from twitter Mahfud MD @mohmahfudmd on Wednesday, December 2, 2020, that pulp According to @ jumianto_RK, the video has disturbed the peace as a citizen.

His mother’s house, Pak @mohmahfudmd, MenkoPolhukam, were visited by a number of people pulp in Pamekasan, Madura

This cannot be tolerated, because it has disturbed the peace as a citizen.


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