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Istanbul convection. Zbigniew Ziobro: we will submit a request to terminate the convention

When fulfilling pre-election commitments, we move from words to deeds, said the Minister of Justice and the Public Prosecutor General Zbigniew Ziobro at the press conference. He informed that his ministry will submit a request to terminate the Istanbul Convention on counteracting domestic violence.

The Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence (known as the Anti-Violence Convention or the Istanbul Convention) aims to protect women from all forms of violence and discrimination. The document assumes, inter alia, that there is a link between violence and unequal treatment and that violence cannot be justified by tradition or religion.


Poland signed the convention in December 2012 and ratified it in 2015.

Ziobro: we will request the denunciation of the Istanbul Convention

– Fulfilling the pre-election obligations, we are moving from words to deeds and we will submit a formal application to the family ministry to terminate the so-called Istanbul Convention – said Minister of Justice and Prosecutor General Zbigniew Ziobro at a press conference.


As he explained, “the ministry that I had to manage, but also the prosecutor’s office, have done a lot over the years to show that the fight against violence against women is our priority.” – By introducing changes to the law on the police, the gendarmerie act, the Penal Code, the Code of Petty Offenses, we did it in a way free from ideology, and focused on protecting women and children who are subject to this type of aggression – he said.

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Zbigniew Ziobro and Deputy Minister Marcin RomanowskiPAP / Rafał Guz

– Today I can say with satisfaction that Polish law is a model for other countries when it comes to the standard of protection of women against violence – he stressed. As he added, “if someone wants to say that by withdrawing from the Istanbul Convention, we want to act to lower the standard of protection of women, the question is to what extent Polish law does not correspond and does not meet the requirements set out in the Istanbul Convention.”

– Polish law is exemplary in this respect – pointed out Ziobro. He added that “if, in the face of the significance of these facts, someone accuses the denunciation of the convention to reduce the protection of women against violence, it is (…) outrageous propaganda and simply a lie”.

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Ziobro: the fight against violence against women is our priority TVN24

“There are ideological aspects to this convention”

– The facts are behind us. It was us who introduced changes to Polish law, which raised the normative protection of women against violence to the heights of the world standard, said the Minister of Justice.

According to him, “today there are no solutions in the Istanbul Convention that we would not meet” – In some areas we have even exceeded the standard that is required there – he said.

As Ziobro explained, the request to terminate the Istanbul Convention is related to “another layer that has been cunningly introduced into the provisions of the Convention”. – There are ideological aspects in this convention that we do not accept and which we consider harmful – he said.

As an example, he gave “the construction of the concept of socio-cultural gender in opposition to biological sex”. “So leading to the conclusion that biology does not define whether someone is female or male, but that it is a matter of some choice that anyone can make,” he said.

“Polish law meets all these standards”

Summing up his speech, Ziobro said that “when it comes to the layer related to the protection of victims of domestic violence, we fully share the provisions of this convention, which we expressed when introducing them to Polish law.” – Polish law meets all these standards – he said.

– We disagree with the second area related to the sphere of ideologization, which may lead to far-reaching moral and cultural changes with which we fundamentally disagree – he said.


Ziobro: this convention includes ideological aspectsTVN24

“The Convention is redundant from the point of view of protection of victims of domestic violence”

The deputy head of the ministry, Marcin Romanowski, who appeared with the minister of justice, presented a motion to terminate the Istanbul Convention. – We believe that this convention is redundant from the point of view of protection of victims and prosecution of perpetrators of domestic violence, and from the point of view of its contradiction with axiology and constitutional order, it is dangerous – he pointed out.

– Our legal system already at the moment of ratification of this convention met the standard set by this document. We are talking about solutions regarding legal aid, solutions for victims of crime, about the procedure of prosecution, and about issues of compensation or compensation, said Romanowski.

He added that during the rule of the United Right, the standard of victim protection was significantly strengthened. – In particular, by changing the law on the police, on the Military Gendarmerie and introducing an immediate police order – he added. He assessed that it was a “milestone” in the protection of people at risk of violence, because it is not the victim who currently has to leave the apartment or stay with the perpetrator under one roof, but the perpetrator is immediately expelled from the apartment during police intervention.

– This and many other solutions show that the Istanbul Convention is not needed from the normative point of view – he assessed.

Romanowski also added that Poland is not the only country opposing the provisions of the convention. – The convention has not been ratified by Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, also Great Britain and Liechtenstein – he mentioned. He also named the United States, Canada and Japan as countries that participated in the preparation of the document but did not ultimately ratify it.

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