Israel’s UN Envoy Clarifies Stance on Gaza: No Interest in Occupation, But Will Eliminate Hamas

New York: Israel has no interest in occupying Gaza, but will do whatever it takes to eliminate Hamas. After US President Joe Biden said that Israel’s move to capture Gaza would be a big mistake, Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Gillard Erdan, clarified his position.

“We don’t want to conquer Gaza or stay there. We are fighting for survival. The only way to do that, as US President Joe Biden has said, is to eliminate Hamas. All necessary steps will be taken to weaken their power” – said Erdan. Asked who would rule Gaza if Hamas was eliminated, Erdan said he had not thought about what would happen the day after the war.

Meanwhile, Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari said Hamas had taken 199 hostages in the cross-border attack. Earlier it was reported that 155 people were taken hostage. Efforts are on to locate the place where the hostages are kept. The Israeli army also stated that it will not carry out an attack that would endanger the lives of the hostages.

Of the 199 people held hostage by Hamas in Gaza, 13 were children, eight were over 60 years old. There are two people who are above 80 years of age. UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverley said 10 British citizens were taken hostage. The US has also confirmed that several of its citizens have been captured by Hamas and that 13 of its citizens are missing.

Thai officials said 17 of the country’s nationals were being held in Gaza. France also reported 13 nationals missing. Eight Germans, two Mexicans and a Russian-Israeli were among the hostages. Many other nationals are also missing.

Meanwhile, Hamas said the hostages were being held in safe havens and tunnels inside Gaza. He also threatened to kill the hostages if Israel bombed civilian homes without warning. More than 1,400 people have been killed in Israel so far in attacks by Hamas. About 2,700 people were killed in Gaza in Israel’s bombardment.

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Israel has no interest to occupy Gaza, says UN envoy

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