Israeli War Cabinet Threatened with Disbandment: PM Netanyahu on the Brink

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Wednesday, 06 Dec 2023 09:46 IWST

PM Benjamin Netanyahu is on the edge, the Israeli War Cabinet is threatened with disbandment. (REUTERS/RONEN ZVULUN)

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The War Cabinet initiated by the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during aggression Israel the Palestine is starting to be threatened with disbandment, putting its position on the brink.

A number of ministers in the cabinet are said to be starting to leave Netanyahu.

Ministers in Defense Minister Yoav Gallant’s War Cabinet and unranked minister Benny Gantz are reportedly starting to fall out of step with Netanyahu.

The press conference held by Netanyahu a few days ago was not attended by his Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. Various parties suspect that there is a dispute between the two leaders.

“I suggested to the defense minister tonight to hold a joint press conference, and he decided what he decided,” said Netanyahu, quoted from Middle East Monitor.

The conflict between Netanyahu is becoming increasingly apparent as aggression continues in Gaza under the pretext of crushing Hamas.

Netanyahu tried to convince the public that Israel’s leaders were working together to deal with the war in Gaza.

Netanyahu attempted to prevent Israel’s Security Cabinet cabinet, including Gallant and Gantz, from receiving credit for the return of 110 Israelis held hostage by Hamas.

One of the photos taken at a press conference last week went viral on social media because it showed Netanyahu alone, while Gallant and Gantz stood together at the side, quoted from Alshar Al-Awsat.

When the war cabinet was first formed, the public was shocked by the involvement of Benny Gantz. The centrist Gantz is known to compete politically with Netanyahu for government seats.

Economy Minister Nir Barkat also stated that he would not support updating the government’s wartime budget which was discussed in the Knesset on Wednesday (29/11).

Barkat rejected the budget plan because it would not be enough to meet the needs of the economy during wartime and would lead to economic collapse, quoted from Times of Israel.

Gantz also rejected the budget because he felt uncomfortable allowing politically promised funds to flow to war needs.

The attitude of Nir Barkat, who is one of the senior figures of the right-wing party, is that he wants changes within the organization. Because of this, Nir Barkat stated that he would leave Netanyahu.

“After the war, we have to give new trust to the people,” said Barkat.

Barkat’s statement also strengthens his desire to win the party leadership seat.

Communication relations between Barkat and Netanyahu appear to be breaking down with no talks between the two since meeting several weeks ago.


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