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Israel / United States: 36th Bilateral Economic Development Forum Begins

“Post-Covid economic recovery is possible” (US Ambassador to Israel)

A virtual summit between American and Israeli business leaders and executives took place Wednesday as part of the 36th edition of the economic development forum between Israel and the United States, the Joint Economic Development Group (JEDG), according to a statement from the Israeli Ministry of Finance.

The JEDG has been held annually since 1985 and serves as a platform for dialogue to promote the development of bilateral economic policies between the two countries.

The participants welcomed the state of existing economic relations and stressed their commitment to expand cooperation between Israeli and American industries and businesses.

The meetings between participants mainly focused on macroeconomic forecasts, regional development made possible by the Abrahamic Accords and the issue of financial cybersecurity.

The Israeli delegation was headed by Ram Belinkov, the director of the Ministry of Finance, and economist Shira Greenberg. On the American side, it was the Under-Secretary of State in charge of Middle East issues, Yael Lampert, who headed the delegation, made up of economists and ministerial officials.

Michael Herzog, Israeli Ambassador to the United States and his American counterpart Tom Nides, also participated in the debates throughout the day.

Mr. Nides reiterated that the post-Covid economic recovery is “possible if the various players in industry and development cooperate and act together”.

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