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Israel Blocks Humanitarian Aid to Gaza, US Expresses Displeasure

CNN Indonesia

Thursday, 07 Mar 2024 10:20 IWST

Moment of delivery of US aid to Gaza, which was distributed by plane by air. Photo: US Air Force/Handout via REUTERS

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

A number of ministers Israel blocking humanitarian aid shipments from entering Gaza Strip amidst increasingly critical conditions.

State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said the US had complained to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government about blocking the aid.

According to him, the actions of Israeli officials raise doubts regarding continued US assistance to Israel.

“We have seen some obstacles in the Israeli political stance, you have seen ministers in the Israeli government blocking the release of aid [tepung] from the port in Ashdod,” Miller was quoted as saying Anadolu AgencyWednesday (6/3).

He also said, “You see ministers in the Israeli government supporting the protests, which is preventing the flow of aid to Karem Shalom.” Karem Shalom is the main border between Israel and Gaza.

The US sent aid in the form of large quantities of flour via Ashdod Port. However, this delivery was held up for more than a month on the orders of Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich.

Miller said that the actions of Israeli officials which hamper and disrupt the distribution of aid to Gaza need to end immediately.

“These are all obstacles that come from ministers in the Israeli government that we have called out, that we say are not acceptable, and that we say must end,” he said.

On that occasion, Miller also said that the US had a straightforward and frank attitude regarding the situation on the ground and Israel’s refusal to open the Erez border in northern Gaza.

The US position, he said, was conveyed when Foreign Minister Antony Blinken met with the Israeli war cabinet.

The US is a close ally of Israel and often gives them aid.

According to US law, namely a 1961 law, the president prohibits sending aid to other countries if they limit humanitarian aid from America.

However, Article 620I of the US Foreign Assistance Act contains an exception that allows the president to continue aid, if he officially determines that it is in the US national security interest.

Responding to the provisions of the law, Miller said that Israel had not violated US law.

“It’s not something I’ve considered for a long time, but we have always engaged with Israel, as with all countries, regarding their need to meet all the requirements of US law, and we have not made a judgment that Israel is violating any such legal requirements at this time. Miller said.

Israel launched an attack on Gaza on October 7. They also declared war against Hamas.

As a result of their attacks, more than 30,700 people in Palestine died and hundreds of thousands of houses were destroyed.


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