Ischgl: Corona spread more extreme than expected – antibody study from Austria surprised

The corona virus spread at the beginning of the pandemic in Ischgl, now an antibody study from Austria is surprising.

Update from June 26, 7.43 p.m .: This study was a big surprise. In 42.4 percent of the residents Ischgls were Antibodies to the corona virus detected. In addition, 85 percent of those infected had gone through the disease unnoticed. What the study means for the rest of the world is currently unclear. Can the results of the study be transferred to other places such as Germany? Science seems at odds on this point.

Professor Christian Hesse of the University of Stuttgart says to the image (Article behind payment barrier): “The study sends a very positive sign and I see no reason why the results are not transferable to Germany. Apparently, a larger percentage of people infected with corona than previously thought go through the infection with little to no symptoms. ”

In contrast, the epidemiologist thinks Peter Williet of the Innsbruck University Clinic for Neurology: “You can not assume that the situation in Ischgl is also representative of other regions or Germany. Important insights can be gained from this, but similar studies are also required in other regions. ”

The Ischgl study all in all seems to make an important contribution in the Corona research to perform, but not to over-interpret them. The question of whether one can conclude from work that we have the Corona danger have overestimated, the Virologe Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit to the paper clearly: “No, you can not derive that under any circumstances. We can see how dramatic the situation is in the United States, Brazil and India. ”

Ischgl: Corona spread more extreme than expected – antibody study from Austria surprised

First report from June 25: Ischgl / Austria – When the Virus already in Italy* spread, since nobody suspected that also Ischgl in Austria to one of the big ones Coronavirus-Hotspots would develop. A now published Antibody study proves that the virus apparently carried more people in it than initially thought.

Coronavirus in Ischgl: antibody study is surprising

According to the Medical University Innsbruck have 42.4 percent of those in a comprehensive study examined citizens antibody* on the Coronavirus* developed. That is the highest value published worldwide, said the director of the Institute of Virology, Dorothee von Laer, on Thursday in Innsbruck. Antibodies in blood are considered evidence of a go through infection*.

With its myriad After-Skibars wrong Ischgl already at the beginning of the pandemic as Focus in Europe. According to Austrian Authorities At times 40 percent of all cases in Germany were due to Ischgl. Many Germans too Tourists they are infected in Ischgl. A federal commission Tirol should now take a close look at the highly criticized crisis management.

Ischgl: Coronavirus apparently more widespread in Austria than expected

From now on positive antibody According to the study, only 15 percent of the people tested received the Diagnose*Coronavirus“. “85 percent of those who went through the infection went through it unnoticed,” explains Dorothee von Laer on Thursday.

Despite the high antibody value, it is also in Ischgl no Herd immunity reached. They are decisive for the decline in cases quarantine and the social distance it was said.

Around 80 percent of Ischglers population participated in the study. 1473 subjects were examined between April 21 and 27.

The scandal of the Corona mass outbreak at the meat company Tönnies has been making headlines for days, now a cause for the rapid spread in the company could have been found.

Are coronavirus mutations possibly more dangerous than the original form? Many experts are concerned with this question – and they come to different results.

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