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Is Rockstar’s Bully license in the closet? – The big abandonments of the eighth generation of consoles

Rockstar Games, one of the most acclaimed studios of the seventh and eighth generation of consoles for its different successful sagas like Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne or Red Dead, decided to be discreet during the eighth generation to concoct us a single work. Although excellent, this Red Dead Redemption II is a feat in the world of video games from a technical and artistic point of view, it is also the only new production of this generation of console, Grand Theft Auto V is already available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. With this new formula emphasizing quality over quantity, the New York company seems to forget all its other licenses, such as the infamous Agent whose development was abandoned in 2018 or the famous Bully 2!

Bully 2

Before attacking the story of Bully 2, let’s go back to the first opus released for the first time in 2006 on PlayStation 2. As we had already specified in our file The concept of freedom at Rockstar, Canis Canem Edit which will later be renamed to Bully, its code name, is an important step for the Rockstar Games studio. It is he who establishes the new studio rules, those which are used today by Red Dead Redemption II. Rules highlighting the interactions with the decor and the characters, and which offer a much more successful scenario than before. With Bully first of the name therefore, the universe set up is no longer simply there to allow players to achieve all the possible and unimaginable madness, but is above all a pretext to tell a story, that of Jimmy Hopkins, a young man 15-year-old virulent strand placed in a boarding school against his will. It was then, without any surprise, that fans of the studio specializing in open worlds impatiently await the arrival of a second episode. Bully 2 is our topic of the day!

Is Rockstar's Bully license in the closet?

It is June 8, 2017 when we first hear about this likely sequel. Indeed, the Game Informer site had inadvertently created the card for the game Bully 2: Kevin’s Back Jack, which was quickly deleted. Unfortunately for the site, the information was retrieved by members of Reddit. This famous card predicted the return of the Bully saga for fall 2017 on PlayStation 4 as well as new features for the license such as the possibility of playing for two. Obviously, to rule out this growing rumor, Game Informer said the same day on Twitter, that all the information circulating about a certain Bully 2 was false.

You may have seen rumors that we have disclosed the existence of Bully 2. This is a mistake. We heard nothing about a Bully suite.

However, a few days later appears on the web through an account Twitter unofficial ten art concepts of the probable new production of Rockstar Games. Of these many images unpublished available below, we can discover different searches for places and characters in a style recognizable among a thousand. The cartoonesque and caricatural artistic direction is similar to that of the artworks of the first episode.

Is Rockstar's Bully license in the closet?

Multiple rumors then emerged from the internet, but few were reliable except the one shared by VGC October 5, 2019. Indeed, according to various sources close to Rockstar Games, Bully 2 would have been in development for almost 18 months before being canceled at Rockstar New England, a subsidiary of Rockstar Games to which we owe the PC and Xbox 360 ports of Canis Canem Edit. This second episode proposing to follow once again the adventures of Jimmy Hopkins, hero of the first opus, was even playable according to a source. The title would have been built with the RAGE engine, for Rockstar Advanced Game Engine, also used for the last productions of the famous studio like Grand Theft Auto IV and V, Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption I and II. Again, according to various sources, the script of the game had not been completely written and only a starting point for Jimmy Hopkins had been sketched.

Today, despite this latest information, doubt persists around the existence of a certain Bully 2. Indeed, as Rockstar Games knows so well, the American studio has inflamed the canvas on February 28 by publishing two new artworks. The first offers a retro-futuristic look highlighting a golden figure similar to those created by the Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama or even that found on the poster of the film Metropolis by Fritz Lang released in theaters in 1927. The second image, much more abstract and above all much more interesting, this time presents a redesign of the Rockstar logo, many curves reminiscent of a school subject, geometry, material present in Canis Canem Edit, as well as a slogan: “Killing dreams. Murdering hope. Fighting the righteous. Bullying the weak. Why don’t you tell me what went wrong?” which can be translated as “Kill dreams. Murder hope. Fight the righteous. Intimidate the weak. Why don’t you tell me what went wrong?”. Even if this slogan can remind many titles of the Rockstar house, the penultimate sentence “Bullying the weak” worries the fans and can directly refer to Bully, the saga today cult.

Is Rockstar's Bully license in the closet?Is Rockstar's Bully license in the closet?

Despite all the information trickled down by Rockstar Games, today we still do not know what license the American company is working on. Is it working on a new Grand Theft Auto? Is it working on the Canis Canem Edit suite or on a brand new license? Impossible to predict! All we know is that we will have to wait before Rockstar Games comes to once again turn the world of video games upside down.

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