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Is Regensburg oversleeping the new S-Bahn? – Regensburg – news

The streets are full, the trams will last for years. Politicians are calling for higher clocks. In Berlin they don’t know anything about it.

From Dr. Christian Eckl

It remains to be seen whether Regensburg would also be like the S-Bahn stop at Stachus in Munich. The fact is: If you want the traffic turnaround, you have to expand the railways and buses. Photo: Andreas Gebert / dpa

Regensburg.Driving is no longer fun in and around Regensburg. The after-work traffic clogs the streets, 80,000 inbound and 20,000 outbound commuters overload the infrastructure. The Regensburg city council therefore wants a light rail system, but it won’t come until 2030 at the earliest – the CSU has now announced that it will be calling for a referendum to increase acceptance of the route. Politicians such as the Regensburg District Administrator Tanja Schweiger have hopes of making S-Bahn-like traffic possible on the rails. The head of the railway in Bavaria is positive, and the Regensburg town hall is also enthusiastic. Alone: ​​In Berlin they don’t know anything about the idea.

Local politicians in particular have high hopes for the S-Bahn in and around Regensburg. The Regensburg District Administrator Tanja Schweiger (Free Voters) recently said in an MZ interview: “Like the well-known Fröttmaning near Munich: we need that in our region too.” because there is a rail connection. The district administrator’s request was also addressed to railway boss Klaus-Dieter Josel, who answered questions from commuters in a special broadcast on the MZ as well as criticism that the Walhalla train station in the north of Regensburg is still not open to passengers.

Josel replied literally to Schweiger: “The Free State of Bavaria commissioned an expert report with the aim of increasing local traffic around Regensburg. We have to speak to the Free State of Bavaria and the Bavarian Railway Company, because they decide where new stops are to be found. ”The BEG orders the traffic on behalf of the Free State. Josel’s wish is even to start with the S-Bahn in Schwandorf. However, according to information from the Federal Ministry of Transport, the BEG has not yet placed an order. Bavaria’s Transport Minister Kerstin Schreyer says: “The idea is good.” The current report is a sound basis. “For almost all measures, however, we depend on what the main route between Prüfing and Obertraubling will look like. The other connections depend on it. ”In addition, the railway must also set up the four stops at Walhalla-Bahnhof, Wutzelhofen, habenbach and Ponholz. The plans for this are ongoing, but the Walhalla train station example shows that the reopening of an existing train station, which has been closed since 1984, will take years – it is currently planned for 2026 at the earliest.

Green MP: Paper is patient

“Just having nice expert opinions drawn up, which are then not known at a crucial point in Berlin, is of little use to the many commuters and companies in the greater Regensburg area,” says Regensburg Green Party MP Stefan Schmidt. He had asked the Ministry of Transport what was going on with the S-Bahn for Regensburg. “A year has passed since the report for a regional S-Bahn was presented and the urgency of the issue has not yet reached the federal government from Regensburg and Bavaria.”, Says Schmidt. Unfortunately, rail in the Regensburg region is only a declaration of intent.

Regensburg’s planning officer Christine Schimpfermann made it clear to the MZ how important S-Bahn traffic would be for Regensburg. She quotes from the report that was commissioned: “In the target concept, traffic flows were differentiated between urban traffic, regional and long-distance traffic. Regional express lines running every hour should connect important Bavarian hubs in the future, ”said Schimpfermann. “The term Regio-S-Bahn, recently established in Bavaria in the Ulm / Neu-Ulm area, is to be gradually used in Regensburg as well.” During the day, these S-Bahn lines would have to run every hour so that they could really help relieve the pressure.

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