Is Maximilian Philipp already thinking about a permanent transfer to Werder Bremen?

The first appearance: New signing Maximilian Philipp introduced himself to the public at a press conference held by SV Werder Bremen on Wednesday. He spoke about the transfer, his goals and his future.

Bremen – Who Maximilian Philip speak, he quickly gets the impression that football does not always have to be good. A fraction of all professionals are allowed to adorn themselves with titles and trophies, others at least have a secure job in their clubs. And then there are those for whom the perspective is sometimes pretty bleak. And that gets on your nerves. Maximilian Philipp makes no secret of the fact that the sun does not always shine in his life either. But by changing the loan to SV Werder Bremen everything should be different.

Werder Bremen newcomer Maximilian Philipp mused about previous high transfer fees

“Of course I wasn’t happy with the situation I was in in Wolfsburg and I was all the more surprised and happy that clubs were still interested in me,” admitted the 28-year-old on Wednesday during his official presentation Werder Bremen. At the Lower Saxony he last commuted between the squad and the stands, he was no longer able to really assert himself under coach Niko Kovac. There are just three appearances this season, including two substitutions. Pretty little for a man who has experienced very different times in his career. 2017 became Maximilian Philip U21 European champion, at SC Freiburg he matured into a Bundesliga player and was so good that first Borussia Dortmund and later Dynamo Moscow each cost 20 million euros for a transfer. Buzz that can also paralyze. “In principle, I had nothing to do with the money, but when you’re young you naturally think about whether you’re worth that much and whether it makes sense to pay so much,” admitted the offensive player a. “But I’ve learned and realized that it’s not my fault and that it’s none of my business. That’s why I don’t put any more pressure on myself.”

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Maximilian Philipp moves to Werder Bremen because of match practice – and regardless of the table

From a sporting point of view it is different. Maximilian Philip I really want to play regularly again. The past six months have left their mark. “I was now always in the rut that I had the weekends off or had to play independently. The other guys were in full stadiums, kicking a little bit, and I was sitting at home watching it,” he said. “Of course you’d much rather play along yourself. That’s why it was clear that I needed a new club and had to get out of there. I want to show what I can do again.”

For a long time it looked as if the native of Berlin would do that at his youth club Hertha BSC, but then the dismissal of sports director Fredi Bobic intervened. “Up until Saturday evening I only had this offer. When this thing happened, of course, it was very different. I was aware that things could get turbulent in Berlin, but I don’t want to comment on that, it’s not my shoe,” emphasized Maximilian Philip. “I got mine from the situation in the table change at least not dependent. I wanted to join a team where I would have a chance to play. I wouldn’t have cared if Werder 18th would have been.”

Newcomer Maximilian Philipp takes Mitchell Weiser’s path as a role model at Werder Bremen

Now the attacker, whom everyone just calls “Milli”, also with Werder Bremen not easily get into the starting XI. Niclas Füllkrug is currently untouchable, and coach Ole Werner has always trusted Marvin Ducksch as a sideman – but there were also no suitable alternatives. Maximilian Philip benefits from the fact that he also brings qualities as an eight or ten. And yet: “Nobody has a free ticket here, but the boys obviously performed well,” said the right footer. “I’m the newcomer, the challenger and of course I want to play. But for that I have to show performance. If I don’t do that, then I don’t play either. Very easily. I gotta prove myself and work my ass off. Then we will see whether I will be rewarded or not.”

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In a situation very similar to Maximilian Philip Almost a year and a half ago, another professional did the SV Werder Bremen plugged in: Mitchell Weiser. The right winger was on the sidelines at Bayer Leverkusen, but then started again with a slight delay in Bremen. A development that also impressed Philipp, who once won the U21 title together with Weiser. “What Mitch went through and how he believed in his potential even in the most difficult phase should be an example for everyone,” emphasized the 28-year-old. “He probably also needed an environment that trusted him and counted on his qualities. If things went the same way for me, I would of course be happy.”

Maximilian Philipp can imagine staying at Werder Bremen after his loan

The rest of the story is known. Weiser switched to his loan free transfer to the Osterdeich, meanwhile he is an absolute top performer of the team. Maximilian Philip still has a contract with VfL Wolfsburg until 2025, and the current loan is only planned until next summer, but the newcomer let it be known that he would be with his Transfer thinks in perspective. “You can see what Werder for a big club. And of course you don’t go to any club for half a year that you know you really don’t want to stay here at all.”

He could deepen this topic with a man who knows very well how it feels Werder Bremen and to carry the city in your heart: ex-Werder coach Florian Kohfeldt. As is well known, he was once the head coach at VfL Wolfsburg, continues to live in Bremen and once also trained Maximilian Philip. “Flo wrote to me and invited me for coffee,” said the striker with a smile. “I’m happy to accept the offer.” Sometimes it’s the little things that can make you feel good. Now it’s up to Maximilian Philipp to ensure that sporting luck returns. (mbu)

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