Is it difficult to negotiate salary this year?Jiang Shaohong and Lotte Taoyuan raised their salary and the number of arbitrators hit a new high in history

Jiang Shaohong.profile photo

Weiquanlong catcher Jiang Shaohong, Lotte Taoyuan 4 players, a total of 5 people have proposed salary arbitration, and so far, the number of players who have been confirmed to submit arbitration has reached a record high.

In response to Jiang Shaohong’s request for arbitration, Wei Quanlong’s team leader Ding Zhongwei said, “We have been discussing with each other all the time. Players will have expectations of themselves and respect the rights of players. The team will continue to communicate about the contract.”

The 4 members of Lotte Taoyuan are reported to be Chen Yuxun, Guo Yanwen, Lai Hongcheng, and Huang Weisheng. The previous team leader Pu Weiqing also said that it is their right to propose, and the team will continue to negotiate with them, and we will see at the end. At present, only Lotte Taoyuan announced the salaries of the first batch of players on the day of the training, and the other teams have not announced so far, and the progress of salary negotiations is slow.

In 2019, Zhou Siqi and Chen Zihao proposed salary arbitration in the secondary vocational school. As a result, Zhou Siqi lost the lawsuit and Chen Zihao won, ruling that the CITIC Brothers had a monthly salary of 300,000 yuan; Neither 2022 nor 2022 have been proposed.

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