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Is COVID-19 still there, I hope… will it happen again?

Me: don’t get stuck again. Because every time you are addicted, there will be a risk… Officer: Yes, Master, I don’t want to be blocked again.

Assoc.Prof.Dr.Theera Worathanarat

Assoc.Prof.Dr.Theera Worathanarat He said the above phenomenon reflects the achievements of disease control and prevention in the past. It is also a lesson for various workplaces to review, analyze and find ways to help prevent the spread of the virus in the workplace. even in the staff house

“If we strengthen the security bolts at home, at school, at work, future results will be better. The chance of getting stuck is reduced. Or, if it’s blocked, the chances of it spreading to people at home, school, work will decrease.

wear a mask correctly do not eat and drink together Keep a mutual distance, both with the people in that place and with the people we meet for the service. Always wash your hands when touching public objects. If you are sick, hurry to check. And stop getting the treatment first, isolate for at least 7-10 days until symptoms improve, there is no fever and repeat tests have negative results, then quit for a living.

Is COVID-19 still there, I hope… will it happen again?

with strict protection until the end of two weeks Including looking for additional ways such as installing air purifying fans, etc., to prevent blockage… if you get stuck, hurry up to check, separate and treat yourself. .. and help each other educate people on the right actions. Don’t be fooled by fake news or wishes.

“…Not just banks, but other places, including homes, workplaces, schools, colleges, markets, there will always be a chance to survive and be safe together.”

virus COVID-19 species “Omicron” of which more than 540 subspecies have sprouted and produced more than 540 subspecies, 5 of which have been carefully monitored. because it seems to have more influence on the epidemic than others

These are BA.2.75.x, BA.5, BQ.1.x, XBB.x and BA.2.30.2.

Is COVID-19 still there, I hope… will it happen again?

Interesting facts about the estimated number of deaths related to ‘COVID-19’ Msemburi W of the World Health Organization and his team. Published the results of a study in the world-class journal Nature (December 14, 2022) that estimates the number of deaths from COVID-19. The number of deaths reported worldwide is lower than the actual number of deaths.

The total number of excess deaths from all causes associated with COVID-19 infection between 2020 and 2021 has reached 14.83 million.

Also interesting is the number of such excess deaths This is 2.74 times higher than the reported number of deaths from COVID in the first two years of the epidemic (5.42 million).

The above findings are in line with data presented by other countries, such as Singapore, which have shown an excess mortality rate among people infected with COVID-19. It is possible that the infection contributes to the severity of the underlying diseases. and lead to death

Is COVID-19 still there, I hope… will it happen again?

For Thailand, our data Ourworldindata This indicates that the excess mortality situation is higher than many countries in the world. Especially in the last two years from the second wave until now. and clearly seen after the “Delta” and “Omicron” outbreaks, consistent with the news Every day from various media presented to know that someone died in the house, fort, etc. continuously. without being in the COVID death reporting system

“Consistent self-defense Live a conscious life, not carelessly, take responsibility for yourself. family and society deemed necessary Be aware of the situation around you will act correctly”.

Continuously update knowledgeCOVID-19 Stein SR and colleagues from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institute of Health, USA. He published the results of a study in the journal Nature (December 14, 2022), studying the corpses of 44 people who died of COVID-19.

The essence is to detect the spread of the virus in the tissues of various organs. every body system Can be detected in the cadaver up to 8 months (230 days) after infection and symptoms.

The results of this study confirm that covid-19 infection not common cold But it looks like an infection that spreads to all systems in the body. The researchers estimate that this systemic infection mechanism is likely related to the problem of “long COVID”, which is observed in a large number of patients worldwide after early recovery from infection.

And… you need to continue education to understand “Long Covid” in order to find a way to take care of it further… avoid getting infected. Or not getting reinfected is best.

Is COVID-19 still there, I hope… will it happen again?

Reflecting the epidemic situation in Thailand, there are many infections every day. should receive the booster vaccination as scheduled especially if the last dose was more than 6 months ago.

Emphasize that… risky activities, crowded places, poor ventilation should be avoided. Choose to use the service of eating and drinking restaurants with staff wearing masks. Keep distance between services and not crowded.

It is very important to wear a mask that adequately covers the mouth and nose during daily life outside the home. It will greatly reduce the risk.

The “COVID-19” epidemic is difficult to control because it goes from the time a person is asymptomatic to the time they experience symptoms. Transmission time is likely to last up to 10-14 days from the time of infection. If you don’t protect yourself regularly on both sides of the infected person The risk of infection and people in general, there is a certain risk in daily life.

…infected without knowing it or not being careful This is why we see a campaign to have every booster vaccinated as required. in hopes of reducing the chances of becoming seriously ill when infected Reducing the risk of death AND reducing the risk of “Long Covid” to some extent.

Is COVID-19 still there, I hope… will it happen again?
Is COVID-19 still there, I hope… will it happen again?

What we can do besides vaccines is Consistently correct sample protection Always wearing a mask when living outdoors, washing hands, keeping distance from others Avoid being in close contact with others. If you have to meet and talk closely, it should take little time. Don’t go into a crowded, poorly ventilated orbit.

Finally… if sick If you suspect there is a risk, you should check your ATK yourself, as I have always recommended. If you feel unwell After testing positive, it means you are infected, so isolate yourself for 7-10 days until your symptoms improve. No fever and repeated ATK test results were negative so he went out to live…strict self defense for two weeks.

But if you feel bad, get a bad result, don’t trust. Check back every day for at least 3 consecutive days. or self-assessment of the presence of a risk, check ATK every other day, 3 times in 5 days

Look around with your eyes… now it’s really infected and spreading a lot. Definitely not a small wave.

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