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Is a LeBron return to Miami possible? “If I wanted to go back …”

LeBron spent four seasons with the Heat. It was the place he traded for Cleveland to get his first ring, and There he added two titles in four consecutive Finals before returning to Ohio to win the promised title.. Pat Riley, the maker of his signing, was the one who couldn’t keep him then, and he defined his decision to return home as “the biggest mistake of his careerNow, seven years after that And after a disastrous season for the Heat, Riley has spoken of the possibility of the King returning to Miami for a second leg. Something that seems, it must be said, quite remote.

I’d leave the key under the doormat if you call me and let me know you’re coming“Riley said in an interview last Friday on the radio show of Dan Le Batard, statements you have collected Real GM. “I would do that, but I highly doubt that key … That key is rusty now“Said a few weeks ago the godfather of the NBA, who did not end on good terms with a LeBron who maintained a silence that the manager interpreted as a goodbye, during that summer of 2014.

Riley has been clear on what he thinks of the possibility of an unlikely return: “LeBron is one of the greatest of all time, and for four years here, we played four Finals, it was four years of excitement, we won two championships … It was the best moment for the Heat. So I wish you nothing but the best, and if you ever want to go back, I’ll put a shiny new key under the mat“A few words that do not have much room and that have been replicated, since the star will not be a free agent until 2023, when he is on his way to 39 years.

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