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Iran’s Interference in Syrian State: Spreading Shiism and Recruitment Tactics

Al-Marsad newspaper: Syrian journalist Samer Al-Khelaiwi explained that Iran is interfering in all aspects of the state in Syria and working to spread “Shiism.”

Iran’s approach

He said during his intervention with Al-Hadath channel: “Spreading Shiism is Iran’s approach, which it is doing in Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, and is trying to spread Shiite thought in other countries.”

He continued: “Iran is brainwashing Deir ez-Zor before recruiting and converting to Shiism, meaning that Iran interfered in everything that remained in the joints of the state in Syria in the army, security, economy, education, and religion. It was able to change the call to prayer to the Shiite call to prayer, and changed many street names and created new Shiite points, including It is called Ain Ali

Deir ez-Zor Governorate

He added: “Deir ez-Zor Governorate is a purely Sunni Arab governorate with no Shiites, but Shiism began in this governorate in 1981 through an association created by Hafez al-Assad’s brother, which continued until 1983 after Hafez al-Assad dissolved it after Jamil al-Assad stood beside Rifaat al-Assad and it was This association is the political and religious counterpart of the Defense Brigades.”

Previous holders

He continued: “In Deir ez-Zor Governorate, people with previous convictions and outcasts in this governorate joined that association for the sake of financial temptations, and from that time Shiism began, and after that Iran continued in the same approach and relied on a man in the governorate to whom it provided money and he was able to buy many shops, homes, and gas stations.” He began investing and trying to convert the people to Shiism.”


He added: “Iran’s policy of spreading Shiism has now increased significantly due to people’s financial need, as it offers people conscription for the sake of salaries and conversion to Shiism, and tells some young men to either join Assad’s army or the militias affiliated with them. Iran also interferes in the security services, the army agencies and all… Joints to the point that they name schools with Shiite names.”

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