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“iPhone from 2022 has 48 MP camera and no mini option”

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The iPhones that appear in 2022 would receive a solid camera upgrade. In addition, there will no longer be a smaller model available.

At least, this is evident from an investment memorandum about which MacRumors on AppleInsider messages. Analyst Ming-chi Kuo says in the note that the Pro devices will receive larger camera sensors for a resolution of 48 megapixels.

The 48 MP sensors would take up more space. According to Kuo, it is a 1 / 1.3 inch sensor with a pixel size of 1.25 µm. That is a lot smaller than the 1.7 µm pixels in the iPhone 12 Pro Max. According to the analyst, the effective pixel size will be closer to 2.5 µm when the sensor is used for 12 MP images. The higher resolution means the sensors can record 8K video.

All screens larger than 6 inches

Also striking is the probable screen diagonal. For example, there will no longer be a new iPhone Mini with a smaller 5.4-inch display. Consumers will soon only be able to choose between 6.1 and 6.7 inches. Apple wouldn’t be satisfied with the sales of the smaller iPhone. That is less good news for those who still like to use a more compact device. The Mini option will still be in the line-up for the devices that appear later this year.

Kuo looks even further ahead and believes that the iPhones will have Face ID sensors in the screen in 2023, so that the recess at the top of the display can disappear. The selfie camera will be processed even more subtly at the front in the form of a so-called ‘hole-punch camera’ (a lens that takes images through a very small hole).

Although the rumors of the analyst in question seem to come from a reliable source, it remains to be seen. After all, it is not yet clear which features will be introduced when.

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