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iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro .. Which one has the best camera?

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Issued Camel Its new iPhone 12 Pro that is being sold alongside the iPhone 12, 12 mini and 12 Pro Max. The Pro Max version has the best camera in the group, but since it hasn’t been released yet, we’ll take a look at the improvements to the iPhone 12 Pro‌ and see how the camera quality compares. Device IPhone 11 Go.

The iPhone 12 Pro‌ has the same triple-lens camera setup found in Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro, with a wide lens, an ultra-wide lens, and a Telephoto lens, but there are improvements in all three cameras, in addition to the addition of a LiDAR scanner, as well as a faster A14 chip, and a signal processor The new photos also have new photographic capabilities, which ultimately lead to some improvements.

Front camera:

When it comes to the front camera, the iPhone 12 Pro camera still uses the same 12-megapixel f / 2.2 lens, with no real hardware improvements, but thanks to the A14 chip, it now supports night mode selfies and time-lapse videos. , (Deep Fusion), Smart HDR 3, and (Dolby Vision HDR) video recording, none of which are available on iPhone 11‌ Pro. And theAdding Deep Fusion to the front camera allows better pixels to be pulled from multiple exposures to get a clearer image with more detail and less noise, and is activated primarily in medium-light conditions.

Rear camera improvements:

Smart HDR 3 and improved (Deep Fusion) have also been added to the iPhone 12 Pro’s rear cameras, in addition to a new 7-element wide lens with f / 1.6 aperture that enables 27 percent more light to improve low-light photography. The automatic stability has also been improved, and there is a new f / 2.0 telephoto lens with a focal length of 52 mm, and while the ultra-wide lens has not changed, it provides a lens correction feature to account for the distortion that can come from the angle of the wider lens, and it supports the night mode thanks to the LiDAR scanner.

Deep Fusion works across all lenses to improve color and texture, and Smart HDR 3 includes Scene Recognition that allows iPhone 12 Pro to recognize everyday scenes and adjust accordingly to make photos look more realistic.

Perfect photos:

In practice, the standard photos in good lighting from the iPhone 12 Pro‌ look great, with Smart HDR 3 doing an excellent job with white balance and preserving the important details of photos that look sharper and a little more realistic than the ones that come out from IPhone 11 Go, The new lens brings out more sharpness and detail by reducing noise and achieving a better balance between changing lighting in images.

Portrait mode photos:

The A14 chip from Apple and the LiDAR scanner (which takes a depth map of the scene) improves Portrait Mode images by separating the subject from the background better on the iPhone 12 Pro‌ and this is noticeable in the fine details, as the detection of edges is better than before, especially for hair. .

The LiDAR scanner even in night mode allows portraits, so you can get some amazing portraits in low light that can’t be taken the same way with IPhone 11 Go

Low light and night mode:

In low-light conditions, thanks to the A14 chip and LiDAR scanner, there are more noticeable improvements to the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro’s images. Photos in Night Mode capture more detail and are clearer and more vibrant.

Night mode photos can also be taken with the ultra-wide lens for the first time to get great wide-angle shots at night, and LiDAR provides faster auto focus in low light.

the video:

The camera enhancements provided for images also apply to videos, and there are some improvements to the iPhone 12 Pro‌. In our testing, the iPhone 12 Pro‌ was able to focus faster due to the LiDAR scanner, and the new HDR Dolby Vision feature enabled which is not possible in IPhone 11 Go.

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