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Ioannina warmly welcomed the Olympic flame

Ioannina warmly welcomed the Olympic flame and with a great ceremony, as part of the Torch Relay for the Olympic Games “PARIS 2O24”.

The Olympic torch relay started when the Olympic flame came to Dodoni Avenue and ended at Mavili Square, where the welcome ceremony was held.

The flame was carried on behalf of the town of Ioannito by torchbearers Pantelis Kitsios, Panagiota Manopoulou, Christos Tsiouris and Dimitris Chronis, while the altar was lit by Nestoras Kolios.

Afterwards, with the flame lit against the backdrop of Lake Pamvotida, there were speeches by the Municipal Authority, the Olympic Committee of the French Republic, and the Region of Epirus, as well as dance performances.

The mayor of Ioannina, Thomas Begas, welcomed the officials and emphasized, among other things, when he welcomed: “This flame is a symbol of Olympism, an idea born in Greece and spread throughout the world, an idea that unites humanity in the celebration of sports, peace and solidarity. The flame we welcome today is a symbol of hope and light, a fire that burns to remember the strength of the human spirit and the strength we can show even in the times most difficult. The Olympic Games represent much more than a set of sporting events. It is an event that unites people from different cultures, races and nationalities, promoting mutual understanding and respect. Through competitive sports, we can strengthen – peace and cooperation. As this flame goes through our land, we promise to keep it alive in our hearts. Ioannina has given birth to the Olympics and we are very lucky that our athletes – fellow citizens have glorified the colors of our country, but also their special homeland, Ioannina. So let’s take it upon ourselves to promote sportsmanship, spirituality and solidarity in our community. We will continue to come together for a more peaceful, just and humane world. I invite all of you together to light the light of hope and solidarity and to wish good success at the Paris Olympic Games”.

On behalf of the Region of Epirus, the deputy governor, Vassilis Gorgolis, highlighted, among other things, the importance of the timeless message of peace conveyed by the Olympic Games, while wishing success to the French organizers and the Greek athletes.

The French consul in Thessaloniki, JeanLuc Lavaud, spoke to welcome, who emphasized that “the French embassy and the organizing committee of the Olympic Games 2024 are here today, together with the Greek Olympic Committee to emphasize the Olympics and her values. Olympism that makes up our common cultural heritage, but also the bonds of friendship that unite France and Greece”.

Finally, on behalf of the Hellenic Olympic Committee, it was welcomed by the president of the Torch Relay committee, Athanasios Vasiliadis, who noted that “We join our voices with the local communities and broadcast the message of the flame Olympian: peace, love and community of people.”

The Olympic flame will spend the night in Ioannina and tomorrow morning it will go to the University of Ioannina, where a welcome ceremony will also be held there, to continue the journey to the city of Igoumenitsa.

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