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Investigation into Miroslav Suja’s Doctoral Studies at the Forestry Faculty of TU Zvolen

Added on 22 August at 19:15 by the opinion of the Dean of the Forestry Faculty of TU in Zvolen, Marek Fabrika, and on 23 August. at 0:50 for the opinion of vice-rector Jaroslav Šálka, trainer Miroslav Suja

Member of Parliament Miroslav Suja, number two on the candidate list of the Republic movement, is studying for the fourth year at the Forestry Faculty of the Technical University in Zvolen. Denník N was contacted by two people from the internal environment of the university, who consider Miroslav Suja’s way of studying, and if he receives a doctoral degree for it, as devaluing the value of their own studies and damaging the name of the faculty. However, they did not want us to mention their names, citing concerns about problems with the rector of the Technical University in Zvolen, Rudolf Kropil. For the purposes of the text, we will therefore call them Ján and Peter.

Miroslav Suja is an external doctoral student at the Department of Economics and Forest Management in the study program Forest Ecosystem Services. Before that, he studied physical education at Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica.

Suja does not teach or do independent research work. His entire scientific output is that he is the penultimate author in the collective of authors for five theses, where assistant professor Jozef Výbošťok is listed as the first author. He is also Suja’s deputy assistant, according to the NR SR website, he receives a salary of 1,070 euros per month.

The head of the department, where Miroslav Suja is a doctoral student, and at the same time his supervisor is professor Jaroslav Šálka, vice-rector for scientific research. In the last municipal elections, he ran for the post of deputy of the local council in the village of Očová for the Republic, but failed. “I don’t understand how someone with sympathy for an extremist fascist party can sit in

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