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Investigation into Harvey Moeis and Sandra Dewi’s Property Separation Settlement for Corruption Case – Lawyer Common’s Workplace Ensures Readability and Avoids Errors


Workplace of the Lawyer Common (Lawyer Common) RI mentioned it could examine the property separation settlement between the suspects within the tinware corruption case Harvey Moes together with his spouse, Sandra Dewi. This stays a part of efforts to analyze suspected cash laundering offenses (TPPU) on this case.

“We’re investigating to what extent the prenuptial settlement of SD (Sandra Dewi) is true and whether or not it was made earlier than the wedding came about or whether or not it was associated to this prison incident,” mentioned the Director of Investigation of the Senior -Juvenile Legislation for Particular Crimes.(Dirdik Jampidsus) Workplace of the Lawyer Common, Kuntadi, at a press convention in Purwokerto, Central Java, Wednesday (15/5/2024).

Kuntadi mentioned that his occasion would make clear every part associated to this matter. This, based on him, was to keep away from errors throughout the investigation.

“As we all know, Brother SD additionally has an earnings as an artist, there we’ll take a look at it. We have already got information on what number of years, what’s his earnings and we’ll take a look at whether or not his property are applicable or cheap with the “That is the purpose,” mentioned Kuntadi.

As well as, Kuntadi mentioned that Sandra Dewi’s investigation at this time was to make clear a number of issues within the case. Sandra was beforehand questioned by the Lawyer Common’s Workplace in the identical case final Thursday (4/4).

“We’re nonetheless investigating that individual as a witness with the intention of offering readability,” mentioned Kuntadi.

“Truly, to what extent is there a division of property between the suspect HM (Harvey Moeis) and Brother SD,” he mentioned.

Kuntadi mentioned that a number of properties and property taken from Harvey have been suspected to be proceeds of crime. On the identical time, what continues to be not clear, based on him, is that interference continues to be being achieved.

“A number of the property that have been introduced in have been suspected to be associated to the crime. So we arrested them. We’re at the moment blocking property that shouldn’t have it clear how a lot their connection is,” he defined.

Suspect Harvey Moeis

Sandra Dewi’s husband, Harvey Moeis, has been named as a suspect within the case of alleged corruption within the buying and selling system of tin merchandise in PT Timah Tbk Mining Enterprise License (IUP) space for 2015-2022 extension of PT RBT.

“After an intensive investigation, the investigation staff believed that there was sufficient proof to raise the suspect to the standing of a suspect, particularly Brother HM, as an extension of PT RBT, “mentioned the Director of Investigation on the investigation workplace. Deputy Prosecutor for Particular Crimes (Jampidsus) on the Lawyer Common’s Workplace, Kuntadi, on the Lawyer Common’s workplace, South Jakarta, Wednesday night time (27/ 3).

Along with being a suspect in the primary case, the Lawyer Common’s Workplace charged Harvey Moeis as a suspect within the alleged crime of cash laundering (TPPU).

“For TPPU, now we have named that individual as TPPU suspect, HM,” Kuntadi mentioned in his workplace, Thursday (4/4).

On this case, investigators have made a number of searches on the residence of the artist from Bangka Belitung. A number of of his property have been confiscated, together with seven luxurious automobiles, luxurious watches and several other necessary paperwork.


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