Investigating judge releases driver who responded to demonstration …

The 19-year-old driver who drove at high speed between a group of Flemish nationalist demonstrators in Puurs on Friday evening, has been released by the investigating judge.

“For the time being, the further investigation has not brought to light any serious indications that should show that the suspect had deliberately run into the demonstrators,” said public prosecutor Stéphanie Chomé.

Previously, the two passengers of the vehicle had also been released. The three occupants had stated that they were first attacked by the protesters. Then they would have fled out of fear.

The three had not gone looking for that demonstration on Friday evening. They didn’t even know it existed, ‘says Ergun Top, the lawyer who assists one of the three. ‘One of them had to work in a night shop. They drove a car through Puurs and they crossed Stationsstraat, where the demonstration continued ‘.

According to the lawyer, some hotheads attacked the car. The car was kicked and hit. One of the panes is cracked. When the hotheads also wanted to break open the doors of the car, they drove away in terror. ‘ According to Top, the car was targeted because the demonstrators saw three immigrants.


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