Inumet Forecast: Cloudy Skies and Occasional Rainfall for the South, East, West, and Center of the Country

Despite the fact that compared to the rest of the south, the institute warns of precipitation and points to a minimum temperature of 6°C, to The metropolitan area does not foresee rain and the expected temperature range goes from a minimum of 12 °C to a maximum of 19 °C.

Inumet forecast a whole day of sky between cloudy and overcast.

Inumet Forecast for the East

The institute foresees a cloudy and covered sky Thursday in the east of the country, with “scarce and isolated” rainfall, mists and fog banks for the whole day.

The expected minimum temperature is 6 °C and the maximum of 18 °C.

What will the weather be like in the west?

In the west, the forecast also points to cloudy skies, with fewer clouds in the afternoon/evening than in the morning. For the beginning of the day, Inumet also warned about Mist and fog banks.

The temperature range is from a minimum of 7 °C to a maximum of 19 °C.

This will be the center of the country, according to Inumet

The sky in the center of the country this Thursday is cloudy with periods of overcast throughout the day, according to the Inumet forecast. The institute notes also fog and fog banks in the morning, and a low probability of little rain and fog in the afternoon / night.

The temperature The expected minimum is 6 °C and the maximum is 18 °C.

And the weather in the north?

Finally, for the north, Inumet foresees a cloudy sky and mists throughout the day.

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The temperature range is from a minimum of 6 °C to a maximum of 19 °C.

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