Introducing the Luxurious and Unique Big Benz Commander Van by Adiputro

Introducing the Luxurious and Unique Big Benz Commander Van by Adiputro


Adiputro introduced a van named Big Benz Commander. This van has a frightening exterior appearance with a body color like dark gray, but if you look at the interior, you will definitely be surprised, because it has a luxurious feel, and is also accompanied by a toilet.

As seen by detikOto in the uploaded Instagram account @adiputro_official, Big Benz Commander uses the chassis and engine made by Mercedes-Benz. Meanwhile, the body is Jetbus3+ Big Benz Custom, with all-dark shades like military vehicles.

Looking at its external appearance, this bus has a head shape like that of large vans in general. While the body shape of the passenger cabin tends to be boxed. From the front, this van is equipped with two main lights in the form of large and small spheres, there are also quite a lot of fog lights, and all of them are equipped with LED technology.

If you look at the top of the truck’s head, you can also see additional LED lights to help light up at night. Judging from the side and rear of the body, nothing special, the design is quite standard and rigid. But the rear lights are equipped with LED technology.

Slide to the interior, showing a different feel 100% from the outside. The Big Benz Commander’s interior has 8 jumbo-sized seats, which are in the style of captain seats with armrests, and are equipped with pillows. The van also has an AVOD (Audio Video On Demand) entertainment system.

Apart from that, it turns out that this van also has a separate cabin at the back, consisting of two small sofa seats facing each other, a simple sleeping area, and interestingly, there are toilet facilities. Besides that, there is also a mini pantry for making instant food and drinks.

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