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Interview with “Married Soon 2” Actors: Love and Sexual Satisfaction in Hong Kong

Married Soon 2|Actors interviewed Chan Jiale on the streets about love and sexual satisfaction: I love him and don’t need anything else!

The Emperor’s movie “Married Soon 2” starring Wei Shiya and Chan Ka Lok was recently released to promote the movie. In addition to the two protagonists, a number of actors including Tan Shan Yan, Zhu Pak Hong, Sam Jiaqi, Yang Siyong and Liu Ruobao participated in the movie. A few days ago, we all went out to conduct street interviews to explore the proportion and satisfaction of love and sex among Hong Kong people. In addition to interviewing neighbors, the male protagonists Chen Jiale and Cen Jiaqi also transformed into “passers-by” to accept street interviews, which was full of laughter.

When asked about “the reason for the most serious quarrel with my partner”, Jiale hesitated at first, and then answered with an idea: “It’s not good to think about me so much all the time. Because he (his wife, Lian Shiya) is so busy, and after finishing the work When he came back to the city, he still had to cook for me. I thought it was too hard for him and it wasn’t that good. I told him that I couldn’t eat takeout, but he said, “No! You can’t have takeout!” “Take the opportunity to rape your wife. Later, when interviewing another girl, Jiale immediately said that he knew. Jiaqi and Zhu Baikang were curious about the reason. Jiale said, “It’s really because of me! Because she comes to see me every Saturday and Sunday, and her husband can talk.” He went to find a second man.” It turned out that the girl was a fan of Knorr, and Knorr apologized, “I’m sorry, I affected your marriage.” The female fans couldn’t stop laughing.

As for “the last time I had sex with my partner,” Jiaqi said frankly, “I was so excited in my heart because I loved her so much.” Jiale said shyly that it was an hour ago. During the goodbye kiss, Zhu Pak Kang asked with a smile: “What about before the goodbye kiss?” Jiale replied awkwardly: “It’s the morning kiss before the goodbye kiss, that’s it.” Then he asked “The proportion and satisfaction of sex and love.” , Jiaqi said “5:5”, both sex and love are necessary; when the camera turned back to Lele, Jiaqi kicked Jiale and it was “9:1” Jiale quickly explained, “Love is 9, because I love He, I don’t need anything else, he is here to save me.” Upon hearing this, Jiaqi immediately shouted: “Okay, then you cut him.” Everyone laughed, and Jia Le said, “Please let me go.” “: “So you left one for me, haha. I’m so satisfied that I love him so much, and I’m so satisfied that we have the same personality, okay? Haha, why don’t you talk about it so whitely? , Qixian.”

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