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Intersport’s Blue Family: A Unique Basketball Experience

This Friday, Intersport organized a new edition of its program “Blue Family“, bringing together sports enthusiasts around the different French teams. Basketball World Cup obliges, the sign has established itself for an afternoon in a basketball hall to allow fans of the orange ball to experience a unique moment. Even if France took a nice sting.

A sublime space – Call of Ball, Sainte-Luce-sur-Loire – and entertainment that will make you want to sign a basketball license without even knowing the rule of walking. Well we admit, everyone knew it since Intersport chose to invite fans of orange leather to this “Famille Bleue” event. And also to invite TrashTalk, history that we see a little of what wood the fans are warming up for our Blues.

Oh yes. “Blue Family” there, kézako? Well, Famille Bleue is a program offered by Intersport to support the various French teams, particularly in team sports. A great way to create excitement. On the program for this afternoon? A little shooting on the various baskets made available by the establishment, then a time of exchange with a former member of the French basketball team. Guest of the day? Cédric Ferchaud, local of the stage who was trained in… Chambretaud, in Vendée. Yeah, the crazy ultras we told you about a few months ago.

A few questions, the way to learn that Cédric was part of the group of “disconnectors” during his time in the French team, but also to know a little more behind the scenes, such as Tony Parker’s little habits in particular – call Thierry Henry in relaxation – for example. His relationship with the NBA, his vision of the current game… a very nice little moment for those who like anecdotes and basketball.

Asked to watch France-Canada and you? pic.twitter.com/rzHXflwLJG

— Nicolas TrashTalk (@niclsvrg) August 25, 2023

Hey, but it’s true that we came to see a match, huh! That’s good, because everything is planned. The floor of sofas and lounge chairs for everyone to relax, and off we go. A few predictions, just to say that we are of course all for France. And then a first half with the few members present from Kop France in delirium, the young people of BC Basse-Goulaine (Intersport partner club invited for the event) who follow them in their songs.

In the field, Evan Fournier and Mathias Lessort guarantee this good atmosphere several thousand kilometers away. Canada is not giving up, and halfway through, the whole room believes in it more than ever. “You have to watch out for Shai” say the young people right in front of our sofa, while M’sieur Ferchaud gives us his analysis of the first period. Well, they would have been right. Driven by their superstar, the Canadians will put the Blues in a sauce like maple syrup. The “Blue Family” is not disappointed, always pushed by its very active pocket kop, but must admit that this match is now very badly embarked. -15, -20, -30… A particularly salty addition, which the whole room will nevertheless have the opportunity to erase thanks to a shooting competition to win a signed jersey from the French team signed by the whole group of Vincent Collet . The kind of decor that allows you to flex for life, we’re not going to lie.

And then as fast and positive as this shared basketball moment was, the time has just passed. With just one word: thank you Intersport, because it’s fun. And then thank you basketball, vector of a fervor far from dying out.

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