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International Rubber Prices Hit 13-Year High: Market Insights and Updates on Asian Rubber Market, Japan, and Kerala Trends

International rubber prices hit 13-year high The market has reached the level of Main Event, Rubber 336 in Japan Break the resistance at 370 and target 370. Chu.

In Kerala too, there is an advance in sheet prices. It is Tom. The strength of the pepper farmers Caught in front of the resistance Originated by North Indians The price has been raised. Butter in anticipation of Easter. Slight awakening in caste prices. The price of gold has fallen in the jewelery market.

Squeeze mama!

Tire crushing giants We are the Asian Rubber Market Insights. eating Dominating the market for a decade Tire Lobby, which is successful in winning All calculations of The opposite was the case in Japan the week after Seen on the exchange. The accused was named in the same case last week. Rubber step into the prevention zone The industrial world is under pressure. viewed

A jump from 310 kg of rubber to 336 Resistance broke, last week Market view of chipped 370 yen Rich. On the Osaka Exchange as of September 2011 357, the highest weekend closing The rubber bullish that stands in Advance possibilities will be strong . Continued Ninth Day Rubber V Funds this week due to rising la Can move for profit.

Rub on the Shanghai Futures Exchange in China 14,790 per tonne. A kilo is 109.80 dollars. 97.22 kg Thai Ba for the first time in 2017 in Bangkok Rubber step to T, $2.72 per kg Rs.225 in Indian currency.

During the dry season, Thailand also traveled. Rubber production in Vietnam and Africa Tossed. Adverse weather in Kerala too Tapping stopped in . Fourth grade rubber rose from Rs 17,200 to Rs 18,200. For the fifth grade, Rs. 700 has gone up to Rs. 17,600. Whole milk increased by Rs 600 to Rs 13,500 and latex by Rs 700. 12,200 in the best of Rs.

Advance possibility

Jatika and Jatipatri prices are in a narrow range. A front that is strong even if it fluctuates in The potential is evident in the market. No indication from Buyers have raised the price Til did not try to store the goods. At the same time, large stockists Efforts to promote Did not succeed.

Nutmeg 220-250 per kg, Nutmeg 420-460 per kg, Patri 1000-1400 also traded in Rs. The people of Kayut are very angry The previous one has been stored. Foreign trade in high prices They will move to ensure that This is the price of the businessmen. placing

Expect Easter

Hope remains in the Easter sale Tukaya is a large and small copra. t industries. Butter is eaten during festivals. Demand in the domestic market is high Millukar v. La increased from 13,600 to 14,100. Copra rose by Rs 300 to Rs 9400. Vishu demand market since the beginning of the month Counting.

The rise in cardamom prices has forced the producers. Pressurized. Price hike occurs during off season. Menna hopes will be dimmed. The average price of these items is Rs. 1264 per kg. Buyers grab the goods at a low price. done

In the gold jewelery market, Mr It has come down again to Rs 48,280 from Rs 48,600. 48,480 to Rs. The price per gram is Rs 6060.

The North Indians used tactics

Market size for storing chillies Learn farming strategies Buyers to scare Khala A strong counter to the moves made Got the stairs. Product to market Controls in the transportation of goods Don’t mess with North Indians The calculations are complete. did

Produce in the first round of harvesting Can you get chili from the chulu price? However, for the time being It is priceless to customers. It is the situation.

The price has increased since the beginning of January. 10,600 rupees per quintal of pepper price in Tea buyers, Rs 1300 higher last week Even if it is a matter of business, the local goods are hand Couldn’t get hold of it.

At the same time, Easter needs To see the name, the smallholder Ch If Rakuma comes to the scene this week, it will To create volatility in the price of coal Because the move can be done Farmers market with Ruth Picking is also preferable. 49,200 rupees for ungarbled chillies in Kochi From Rs 50,500 and garbled Rs 52,500 It is in Pail.

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