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Interesting Facts About the Planets in Our Solar System

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Let’s start with something simpler. Do you know how many planets our solar system has?

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In what year was Pluto removed from the list of planets?

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Which of the planets is the smallest?

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And which planet is closest to the Sun?

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This can be tricky. Is the moon a planet?

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Which Solar System planets have rings?

Jupiter, Saturn, Uran a Neptun

Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Neptune

Mercury, Saturn, Neptune

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Do you know which of the planets has the least density?

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On which planet is one Earth year the longest?


It makes sense because it is the farthest from the Sun. At the same time, its circulation speed is the lowest. While the Earth travels around the Sun at a speed of about 30 km per second, Neptune’s speed is six times smaller. Therefore, it takes him more than 164 Earth years.

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Which of the named planets has no moon?

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